Patrol by hotkey with villager and military units in one group

Hey guys!

Is/was it possible to patrol military units, if also there is a villager in the group?
In the command panel the icon for patrol is not shown, and the hotkey does not work.

But I recall beeing able to patrol with military and villager in one group by hotkey.
I wonder if my memory is faulty, or if my hotkeys are bugged out, or if the game changed…


If villagers are mixed with military units in one group:

  • The attack move is shown in the group commands, but not the patrol move.
  • The attack move can be used by either hotkey or group command icon
  • The patrol move can not be used at all
  • The attack move orders the military units to goto the target location and attack on the way, and orders also the villager to move to the target location
  • The build move orders the military units to not do anything, and orders the villager to move to the put foundation and build it

I think in the past the patrol command could be ordered by hotkey, and villager did not change their task, while military units patroled normally.

Am I correct or wrong?