Patrol or attack move

After watching the latest SOTL video, I was wondering how people think about either options. Looks like the “walking-straight-into-enemy” bug has been fixed and attack move does kick in objectively faster.
So how have you been treating either options so far and will this result affect your future choice and maybe switching to another option?

  • I always patrol
  • I mostly patrol
  • I do both
  • I mostly attack move
  • I always attack move
  • I will try more attack move
  • I will try more patrol

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Patrol for melee units, attack move for ranged units


Isnt attack move bugged? I remembre when DE first got out that it was, never used it again. Patrol works fine I suppose.

Yes, it is bugged. I logged a detailed bug report yesterday with video and recorded game. The problem seems to be in melee units.

Compared to knights archers are subpar sometimes.
One mistake and your army is down

By bugged, you mean some of them are stunned? Or the legacy issue that units just casually walk into enemy units without attacking?

strange that people patrol more than attack move :confused:

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yeah. But it was because patrol was in the game since AOK(I guess) and attack move came in later. On top of that, attack move was bugged so people for a long time just stuck with patrol like I did.