Pause abuse

The pause button should have a timer of 2-3 mins when no other people can unpause if not the one who paused but after 2-3 mins everybody can un pause it. After 5-6 mins it automatically unpauses.


Would totally lead to abuse. “im unhappy, le pause, my ally is unhappy he will le pause when my pause is done”

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Think if you were the one to pause to get something urgent but your opponent unpauses immediately.

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I’d be in favour of a single, short, unblockable pause. Because I’ve had experience with people who unpause me immediately, and it feels bad. At least there should be enough time to explain the reason for the pause.
Most games my opponents aren’t trolls, and if I get trolled for a short time in some of my games, I think it’s worth it.

Capping the amount of pauses available is tricky. If you both agree to pause the game for 30 minutes, or to pause the game every 5 minutes, it should be possible imo. But OTOH if one player keeps pausing and the other player doesn’t want to pause the player who keeps pausing is just being a douche.

Maybe a good solution would be that both teams start with 2 pauses available, and when one team uses a pause the other team gets a pause.
That way trolls can only pause twice, but if you’re cooperating you can pause as often as you want.
In free-for-alls you could give all players an extra pause when all players have used at least on pause.


Definitely a good idea, but maybe increase to like 5

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A few people, if not all of them, attempt to communicate why they pause but forget to select to add their enemy team to the chat - some others don’t realize that they pressed pause through speratic clicking of hotkeys

Pauses are a nice option to be used if all players agree on using them. But there should be no option to force the opponent to accept my pause. In the end they might have things to do after the game, just as much as I might have the need to pause. So why should I have priority over them?
If really something terrible is going on, that needs my attention, it is not the end of the world if I get a loss in a video game for doing so.

I really like that AoE has the option of pauses, but it should never become mandatory, especially not when playing with strangers. I think the way pauses are implemented right now is exactly right - players can use them, but if someone wants to continue they always can. Being able to force pauses on opponents is surely a terrible tool to give out to the community, regardless of whether they use in on good or bad purpose.

Accepting a pause should be seen as generous, not as required.


Hello all. So I played a multiplayer game a bit earlier and I found first hand the problem of the pause feature:

When I paused the game because my ally (who I was communicating with via a mike) said he was going to be AFK for a moment, the enemy players immediately unpaused the game. When I tried to explain in type chat that my partner needed a quick break, one of the enemy players responded with “p**s off!” .

My partner and I ended up losing the game to our frustration. Our losing did not so much as bother me, as it was the two enemy players who (1) were rude to us and (2) refused to allow us to pause the game for a few brief moments.

So naturally, I am typing this to you all to point out that the pause feature in DE (currently) has a major problem. If any DE game devs are reading this, I kindly ask you to PLEASE take away the ability of players to unpause the game once a player uses the pause button.

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The best fix is to take the reports seriously
That way any abuse is punished and you can keep the pauses

Ah yeah for sure. In a perfect world devs have the man power to do this, and balance the game and maintain reliable servers and get the pathing to work

AND make another game to bring in more money…

How many multiplayer RTS do you know of that have a pause function?

Exactly this!

Having played thousands of hrs of multiplayer games i have zero issue with the concept of “there is no pause”

People keep forgetting AOE is pretty unique with its pause option for a RANKED REAL TIME game…

Ive lost tons of games because I’ve had to “go do something”, was it the end of the world? Is my life worse off because i had to do something irl? Is losing elo such a huge issue because life is more pressing?


tbf, they are doing a lot of things that are helpful
But people tend to forget that there’s a global pandemic right now and it’s nice of them to keep the work flowing. Many bad devs would have found reasons to just not do anything

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Ah definitely! I also appreciate the work they’re doing /done even if i don’t always act like it

I’d prefer to lose a game because I have something urgent to do, over having pause wars in a game where people waste my time with this ■■■■.
I can reasonably plan my games to be during a time where nothing else comes up, and if there really is something important then I dont mind losing a game because of that.
Being stuck in a waiting screen, however I do mind.

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And aoe’s uniqueness also is reflected on its unique things such as pauses in online games. Do you ever see this? No because other games wants you to focus everthing on them.

It is not about elo, it is about respect for the one who paused, to give him time. When he pauses he can unpause even within the 2 min mark.

A postman comes to deliver. You have to sign a letter. How much time it takes? 2 mins? You write ‘wait a sec’ and pause. The enemy unpauses immediately. What was the purpose of pause?

I have a dog who sometimes needs to go out and pee, but she doesn’t usually tell me that in 15 minutes I’m going to need to go out, she often will tell me right when she needs to go. The current system works well, I pause say “sorry, one sec my dog needs to pee” they say “no problem” I take the dog out, 1 minute later we are back to playing.

Losing a game because I needed to take a 1 minute break to let the dog out is not something I’d be ok with.

I dont have a problem with the current system. I think its good. I would not like an enforced pause is all im saying.

To pause the game, if BOTH players agree.

If it was possible to pause without the other player’s agreement, it would lead to massive abuses, as others pointed out.

I think 10 pauses was correct, I remember seeing “you have 9 pauses left” on the side after pausing

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I simply wouldn’t start playing an online game if I’m expecting a delivery that needs me to go to the door. Wait till it has arrived before playing any games that day. An inability to pause is completely normal in other games, e.g. driving games, and also in real world activities like a F1 race or a marathon. People somehow manage to organise their lives to be able to take part in those things from start to finish.