Pause Button OOS Bug

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  • GAME BUILD #: 100.13.2685.0 Current Release as well as prior releases
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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During a match one player told us he would OOS out of sync the game if we didn’t stop attacking, upon not complying he processed to pause and unpause the game until it went out of sync which only took about 5 pauses. the game went oos, and then attempted to create a save file. judging from the only screen shot i have it happened around 55 mins in.

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less then 25% Ive seen it occur accidentally when someone paused the game, but the majority is a few players using it maliciously
If you play with this guy and he losing 100% lol. Hes got at least 6 accounts that Ive blocked. he changes names right after the match but thankfully the blocked list keeps up with the name change.

  • Less than 25% of the time / matches I play (RARELY)
  • 25% of the time / matches I play (SOMETIMES)
  • 50% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY)
  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. load up a match the more players the better wait 15 mins or so, so everyone is building up entities (i believe it may be helped along by entity lag so late game when everyone has units and walls everywhere)
  2. press the pause button (it may require another player to unpause it for it to work)
  3. press the pause button again and again until desired result is achieved.
  4. profit :frowning:

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I mean the pause button can be great if you need to take a wiz and everyone agrees but beyond that its more of an annoyance at best when someone repeatedly pauses until they run out of there 15 pauses or at worse and more often the games goes oos long before 10 pauses

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This is the only picture I have and it was by accident while I was trying to find the unpause button f-0 f12 so it does not have the exact phone of the issue.
He has changed his name since. if you need any other information or this persons 6 account names just DM or let me know. Thank you for your time.

:arrow_forward: GAME FILES (SAVE / RECORDING)

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Hi @GrumpyTart6001 !

Can you tell us the name of this player if you think it is different now?

We also need the recorded game in order to track this issue. Thanks!

yep another reason to not play withunknow people. it happens all the time with unknown people

unfortunately I don’t seem to have the save file from the OOS it was on 4-16-2022 unless you know of another location in the files where it might be?

he has a few alt accounts so here’s the list that I know of