PC controller support?

Is the PC version going to support controllers too? It would be great, especially for Steam Deck users. I suppose that it’s challenging because the entire UI would need to change once a controller is enabled. Likely the game would need to re-start.


The controller is vastly inferior when compared to mouse and keyboard. It’s like playing hundreds of elo… (if not more depending on how high one’s rank is) behind your own.

Micromanaging is much more difficult. And a whole list of things. Casual single player versus AI I assume it’d be okay. But in ranked competitive play I think is a severe disadvantage.

Maybe he wants to play campaigns, for that case is ok.
Although I still think there is no support for the Steam version, only Xbox Store

Yeah i waiting for steam deck version :stuck_out_tongue:

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Of course, it is, but xbox has just received controller support and it’s great - it’s way better when I expected. A lot of PC games, including FPS games, also receive controller support regardless of the platforms.

So, if xbox got kb/mouse support I see no reason not to add PC controllers support as long as cross-play is based on the input device and it’s optional (that’s how it works on xbox currently).

Nope, the PC version didn’t get controller support - no matter if you use Steam or the Microsoft launcher.


I play every game with a controller and i find this argument funny every time i hear this because…
my controller has 84 different possibilities of macros for all your micromanaging needs

did you know that you can use multiple buttons on a controller for keybinds on a controller? as in

l1 = alt
l2 = shift
l1+l2 = ctrl

^^^ just like that your d pad turns into 16 buttons. your symbol buttons are another 16 buttons… if youre following so far we are upto 32 buttons by only using 10 keys… than youve got r1, r2 , r3 , l3 , start, share,xbox/playstation button, touch pad which has 4 corner and options of touch or push for another solid 11 buttons

i play any game at top tier with a controller… people that think its inferior dont know how to change the sensitivity / curve on the thumb sticks or the out of the box settings :confused:

its like someone that didnt know how to adjust the movement on their mouse telling me that mouses are inferior…


+1 I would like to have controller support for Steam PC version, primarly to use with my Steam Deck.

And no, we don’t care if controller is inferior to m/kb, we would like to play the campaign on the go or coop with a friend.


One of the reasons people may want controller support for PC, is because of input based MatchMaking, and they may want to be able to team up with their Xbox peers/friends.

I play with K&M on console, as IMO, RTS on K&M just feels better, and practically the only game I will pull out a K&M for. I play fairly high level FPS games with controller, so for me with RTS, I just can’t shake playing an RTS without K&M.

My only gripe with the game, being a brand new player to AoE, and playing mainly games like StarCraft, Warcraft and Halo Wars back in the day (and a very long hiatus playing RTS games), is when playing the tutorial and the “Art of War”, all the tutorial videos are shown with controller. Even when your input is set to enable K&M and disable controller, the tutorial videos don’t change the input to correspond.

These tutorials are a life saver to new players of the franchise, but as someone who’s just getting into the game, and trying to learn all the hot keys and commands with a keyboard, it’s very frustrating having to go and watch a YouTube and figure out on your own isn’t as convenient as having the video shown to you explaining every control.

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I want to play with family members who only have an xbox. I feel bad playing them on pc because my APM is just way higher due to having keyboard and mouse.

It’s be nice to have the option of plugging my controller in to help level the playing field against friends ave family voluntarily.


Did this get any response to at any point? Will pc get controller support? It would be convenient for me as well, and I can’t find out if it was ever actually put in the pc version.

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You can play AoE 2 on the steam deck anyway, but official support for the controller would be nice. The XBox version has also some economy auto management and more. Would really like to have this also available for PC (single player would be enough for me).