PC Crashes Nearly Every Match

Hey guys,

Been having an issue where I get BSOD nearly every match I play. Sometimes its within 10min, other games can go for over 30min. I believe this all started after a windows update 1-2 months ago. Some error codes I have received include: Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap, Bad Object Header, and Kmode Exception Not Handled.

My PC can run the game and has done so without much issue since release until now. Specs are 5600x, 3070, 32 gb ram. Other games run fine including aoe4 and I haven’t noticed any other issues with my pc, so I think its isolated to aoe3 for some reason. Some troubleshooting I have attempted:

1)Reinstall aoe3
2)UpdateGPU drivers
3)Revert the windows update
4)Reinstall windows
5)Wait for new windows update
6)From what I read most of the error codes are memory related. So I removed the RAM from my motherboard and reinserted them in case they weren’t properly seated. This actually stopped the crashes for about 2-3 days but then it started crashing again.

At this point I think I am completely out of ideas so I am open to suggestions. I have over 1,500 hours in the game and would hate to just give up on it after enjoying it for so many years.


Issue described here is quite similar to what my brother is experiencing. The game was working fine for him for about a year. Now it is crashing pretty much every time (especially in team games).

We tried a lot of things to fix it (changing graphic drivers to the old ones/update to the latest, reinstalling the game/veryfing game files, …). We’ve also created ticket in the support with plenty of data (crash logs, directx info, recorded games) from different crashed games. Devs promised to look into it but there is no fix for that so far.

The only thing which maybe is somehow correlated to the beginning of this issue is updating Windows from 10 to 11. Did you make an update too?


Hello !
This is super sad to hear, can you send the warning logs to us / the AOE support ??
They can figure things out !

Would love to see them too, so if you don’t mind sharing (:

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Hey thanks for your reply, yeah it is quite frustrating. If I end up finding a solution I will give you a heads up.

I have not upgraded to windows 11, have always been on windows 10. The update I mentioned was just a routine update that comes around every month or so.

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Thank you for your reply, I just submitted a ticket with the logs attached.

Submitted a trouble ticket and they got back to me with some advice on how to fix my issue.

There were a couple optional updates to windows which I installed per their advice. I also reinstalled my GPU drivers and in the process noticed 2 of my motherboard drivers were out of date as well (LAN driver and chipset driver), so I updated them.

I then uninstalled the game, restarted my PC, and reinstalled. Played a few matches today without any issues! Don’t want to speak too soon but I am hopeful that the issue has been resolved.


That’s great to hear! We will try that too. Can you share which Windows Updates you addedd?