PC freezes randomly ingame

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  • GAME BUILD #: 10944061
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 11

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My PC freezes randomly while playing the game. I cant even open the task manager, the only way is to hard reset and press the powerbutton. If i have music playing in the background it stops when the freeze happens. The AOE2 music however keeps playing even though everything else is totally unresponsive.
It usually happens completely out of the blue, but today was the first time the game kept stuttering before it happened.
The issue arose some time after i switched out my GTX 1060 for a AMD 6700xt in january. The gpu seems to be fine though, since this has only ever happened while playing aoe 2. Drivers are up to date. This is the only piece of harware that changed.

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  • Less than 25% of the time / matches I play (RARELY)
    Sometimes it doesn’t happen for over a week even if i play every day.

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I cant reproduce the issue, since it seems to be completely random. Sometimes it happens early in the match, other times after over an hour.

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I can’t add a picture, but the screen just totally freezes. No errormessage.

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The log folder for that day only has one file called “Main” in it, which is completely empty. This happened in the first game of the day.

The AMD6700XT consumes around 100watts more power than the GTX1060
Are you sure your power supply can handle that?

What you could do, is limit the frames to 60 FPS to make sure the card doesnt consume more power than needed

I have a 750W psu so that shouldnt be an issue and fps are capped at 165. Also other games that need 100% gpu utilization run just fine.

hmm yeah was just an idea.
Can you check the ram sticks?
Like try some other ram demanding game, and see if that goes down?

I got freezes while single player. It slows down the whole computer to a halt. My task manager showed me that the game is using 96% of my processor power.

Same issue after the April patch. I even got a BSOD which forced me to restart the PC.

I’m not sure which game I would test for that, but memtest didn’t detect any issues if that helps.

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