PC vs. Console Players

Assuming if crossplay is possible, I think unless the console player has a keyboard and mouse I think the PC player has an overwhelming advantage. Even with a keyboard and mouse I’m not sure it would be enough to compensate.

It’s then, TV vs desktop. PC players also tend to be more hardcore gamers than console players. The power of a mouse I believe far surpasses a controller.

Perhaps console player might have some assist to help him, but even then I’m not sure if it would be enough.

But what do you think?

Dave plays at 1500 elo with a controller, so it’s possible to play better than 90% of players

i also think that playing with a controller leaves you at a disadvantage, but the elo system should give them an appropriate elo over time


Have you seen none of the things about how the controller play looks? They greatly simplified a lot of the mechanics, with AI taking over a number of things.

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