Peace Treaty Standard Mode

There needs to be a standard Peace Treaty mode for player who like that late game battle.


I’ve been commenting this for AGES… aoe3 was so great because of THIS… I couldn’t get used to instant battling if I was always a treaty player… then my rank sank my ELO too and now its late

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Agree with every bit of your statement. Treaty or no treaty standard is not asking alot. Was a very big adjustment to learn how to be ready for rushes early.

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There is no official treaty mode, but if you have downloaded the advanced settings mod you will be able to play treaty.

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Should be a standard mode, that way Treaties are available in Ranked. I dont care for mods.

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For custom games I agree. I don’t think they should add treaty for ranked modes. I don’t think the ranked playerbase should be split between lobbies other than playercount.

You either play treaty or not, shouldnt be forced to just be ready for early engagement every game. Wouldnt be much a split nor would it make a difference.

Treaty is basically an alternate game mode similar to FFA or Deathmatch or Regicide. What determines what should be ranked and not? Every mode we add reduces the playerbase and if it is added as a ranked mode then do the devs balance around that? The more modes that get balanced for the less they would devote to the main game mode of standard age of empires.

Treaty still isn’t in AOE2 ranked or starcraft, the 2 most successful RTS games of all time. Treaty, like FFA, is in my opinion a casual game mode and thus doesn’t really suit ranked gameplay.

Im not saying it has to be in Ranked, but definitely should be a standard game mode. What balancing would they need to do? They implement it and thats that. Not like it going to need nerfs or buffs.
Game modes are also not driving the player base away.

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