Peaceful Strategy


Since a while I’m trying a new strategy, but the outcome so far is disappointing. What am I doing wrong?

*) Initially I go straight for farming. I won’t kill sheep or hunt, because I’m vegetarian in real life, and it would feel wrong to do so.
*) I won’t touch the forests to avoid climate change.
*) Instead I focus on mining, and build a huge peace sign out of stone walls.

The problem is that my opponents need to actually see the peace sign, which is not possible due to the fog of war. I tried to lead enemy scouts to the sign, but they don’t get it.

In 9 out of 10 games players still attack me, even if I chose a complete military-free strategy. Attacking armies I counter with villagers bringing them food. Usually they get killed.

This game is unbalanced.


Hm, not much sense for irony here, it seems.