Penalties (time bans) for abandoning games for no reason

Hello, I personally am tired of spinning my economy 20-30 minutes, while 50% of the games people leave the game too early.

1-2 small raids on their bases and they give up immediately, each time you can just “go out” and not be punished for it.

Even if I create the custom game and call it “HardAI 3v3 No leaving” in the name, people still quit the game out of boredom, noobiness or anything else. You stay 2v4 1v3 in a match when it hasn’t even started yet.

Many other developers games where “rage quits” happens have time bans, reports or suspensions. When there is no consequence for leaving any game, people do not wonder:

  • do they have time to play
  • do they really want to play it
  • they have no motivation to, for example, help an ally or play “to the end”
    Due to this lack of reflection, people often leave the game due to absurd / unfounded reasons, spoiling the time spended on game of others.

For example league of legends have “surrender vote”, if team decides there is still game to play u just cant quit destroying games for others.

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And the 50% others don’t leave the game when they loose 95% of their economy.


Seen such relentless noobs xD

I can confirm this is a valid comment!

How do you balance between people who leave too early and people who don’t know when to quit?

I suppose the former is worse in some ways, but look at pro games. Often it’s over not when a landmark is destroyed or sacred sites are about to be taken, but when a player loses their army and realizes that the snowball is inevitable.

As for a League of Legends style team vote, that seems more like hostage taking than fixing the problem of people leaving too early.

i agree, some kind of soft ban, people leave way too often, it can be frustrating when they leave straight away.

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Situations that im talking about are like:

  • someone took 2 raids which killed my 10 villagers in age3. I have teammates that can secure my base when i renew economy but i just surrender and you are left 2v3. Second player thinks he dont want to play unfair game and quit too. And there you are, age 3, from 3v3 to 1v3 in 30 seconds, you just wasted +20/30 minutes of time because some guy left the game, because of 1-2 soft raids.

In every online game, there are defeatists who want to give up too quickly and are hypersensitive to the fact that the game cannot be won. Therefore, for people who click alt + f4 there are penalties (even soft ones) that stimulate the gameplay, and do not break it down whenever the player wants to quit the game or not, just because that mom finished cooking food and the young player did not think that he was having dinner in a moment.

You are playing a team game - behave as a team. You do not behave as a team and you spoil the game for others, take a (even slight) penalty for it. 15 minutes of time ban for joining the games? If this happens more often, the system adds additional time.

Maybe when ranked is released this will happen less. I only do 1v1 and people quitting when they still have a chance of winning is really rare, I’ve not really seen it in over 100 games.

Half the games on LoL people go afk or ‘feed’ themselves to the enemy if someone still want to try and doesn’t want to surrender. I hate the surrender vote system for that reason. But yeah some penalty for leaving would be good. Is there no ELO in team games?

There is elo in all matchmaking including team it’s just hidden and only available on external site. Maybe once it’s in the game in a proper ranked mode people will take it more serious.


Yes I’m sure it will help when people know they actually lose sth by giving up

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Pleaseeee are you serious??? Like really??? as if being a noob was something forbidden! sorry this made me laugh…
This is a huge FYI: there are noobs and amateur players in the game who get paired sometimes with massive pros and sometimes against them, so the pros clear them off in 10 minutes (i dont blame them, there are no rules against it) but why do you expect people to stay in a match//game clearly made for pros? Treaty mode was made for that, giving noobs and amateur a SLIGHTLY higher chance of sucess (or at least 40 decent minutes of gameplay). I still cant believe they removed it…

People play for fun, when the thing gets boring, and when you know you are gonna lose you leave, so easy as that.
The worst part is when you say “they dont support you till the very end”, idk about you bro, but in my personal experience im honestly fed up of trying to talk to allies and they wont even say “hi” to me at the beginning but when everything goes wrong oh there they remember they could ask for tributes or help… hahahaha honestly pathetic, why did you queue up for a teamgame? just for that?

So, instead of asking for penalties, start thinking that not everyone is a pro, everyone deserves a chance to learn the game and have fun and instead of asking your allies to help YOU, YOU go and help them so they dont quit right?? Why are noobs guilty of everything all the time?? I bet pros were noobs one day too… @ Schabsky4888
Edit number 2: I tagged the person who started the question but im replying to many things I read here

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You can easily get to Castle age in 13 minutes. How could you take 20-30 mins to reach Castle? WOW 0_0

Many many players take 20-30 minutes to get to castle, the game is done even before they reach imperial. I’ve seen it it’s true.

I think that a reliable reconnect feature is required before you can start penalizing people for leaving games.

I’d also prefer to see people who leave games just get matched with other people who leave games, so they just waste each other’s time.

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On most of the first patch, even pro players were taking 20 minutes to go castle frequently since the game was super feudal heavy where you went multiple production building unit spam in feudal age.

The big thing though really, is how do you determine when someone reasonably surrenders and when someone quits early. Idk about implementing team votes in unranked aoe games, and Relic doesn’t have the time to watch 30 min games to see when someone leaves.

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I understand that some of guy would not like to lose chance to give up when you THINK you will lose the game. But how about thing that you THOUGHT wrong? And the gave was winnable?

If game is 3v3 and even 1 player just leave its automatically nearly lost for both players that decided to stay.
We represent extreme cases, but the problem of leaving the game prematurely, spoiling the entertainment for others still remains.

Tell me just why so many other online games give penalties for leaving games? Only relic one is okay?
Why there is something like win conditions in game? My win condition is to kill enemies with my 20 horsemans, they got killed. Ok im quitting. Maybe teammate just started building wonder, and you can together defend it, and still win? No, you dont want to wait another 15 min and u press alt +f4. Everybody’s game is done then.

One of the lightest (but at least ANY) penalty that fell here earlier is the system identifying: “leavers” who are then matched to each other.

Why not create any system / method of protection against people who leave because they have such a whim? Even an extreme case, a friend calls to play a different game or a go for a beer,
ok I’m going alt + f4. What happened? Nobody knows and nobody will.

The minimum penalties for leaving the game are some kind of flood embankment for “normal” players.

Custom games shouldn’t enforce any bans for non-participation. That’s why they’re custom games. Quick Match or Ranked on the other hand, sure.

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thank god im just a casual enjoyer and play with the AI to enjoy the game in my style

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