Penalty for disconnecting in pre game lobby

hi ive had numerous times in the pre game lobby, where the lobby of players leave and nothing happens so i quit out of the game and then when i log back, in i get a time penalty so annoying when coming home from work and all i wanna do is chill and play, and i get 15mins worth of penaltys when i only have like an hour or 2 to play to start with, and i did nothing to deserve it.


I have sort of the same problem happening to me. Check out my post.
Hopefully they fix this.


Getting the same errors as well

Same. I think we will here from Savage in a few hours what to do.

Are you playing from west Europe ?

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Our servers hadn’t had coffee this morning, but hopefully should be good to go now.

Regarding the penalty, would you mind laying out very specifically the course of events causing you grief @tHeGr1mReaPeR89? The penalty ideally will only inconvenience those who deserve it—we’re definitely interested on what we can do to improve.


I’m not sure if it’s the same as the OPs scenario, but starting yesterday I’ve had a lot of games where the other player clearly isn’t loading in (e.g. I wait serveral minutes and their loading bar is at 0%), and have to force quit the game, and then get slapped with the penalty.

So ill que up it will find the players but the game start timer wont count down then within about 5min all the players will leave except ill be kinda stuck in the search screen for roughly another 3-5min then the game will realise the players have left so it will reque me but the same thing will happen again, so i quit out the game because im unable to use the stop search feature for some reason ill re log to multiplayer and it will hit me with the 5min penalty or depening if ive had to do it once before hand the 15min penalty by that stage ive usually had enough and go to bed. My internet is good i dont have disconnection problems in other games. Ill send the error code at some stage today after work. Cheers

I’m adding in on this one…

Got a 5 minute penalty after the following :

  • search ranked match
  • match found after a minute and a bit, empty lobby
  • match lobby disconnects
  • ingame message popup: suchesfull reconnect.
  • try to que again…5 minute timer

So i close the game, speedtest (95mb/sec), verify files in steam, smoke one, restart the game

  • search ranked match
  • 2 minutes search, game throws me out of search, to the main menu
  • ingame message pop up: succesfull reconnect
  • try to que again…15 minute timer

Never ever! had any problems before with queing.

Thank you all for the feedback! I’ll get it in front of the team.

I’ll leave this thread open in case there is any more.

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