People are using map hack

I just watched my replay for fun, but notice someone constantly looking at fog of war even when I am raiding his village

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I noticed this on a live game I was spectating (someone constantly looking in to fog of war). In this case they were looking at empty sea for long periods of time so it made no sense. I think the player view cam is bugged?

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Yes, if whoever you are watching moves their camera too close to the edge of the world, it will automatically spawn it on the opposite side. This is very annoying when trying to see if there are map hackers.

It doesn’t surprise me that there are hackers in this game, however map hacks are a bit on the primitive side. I would love to see a micro-split hack. Those are always entertaining to watch.

Not sure this is a hack…investigating it as a bug. Either way, thanks for the report! I’ll keep my eye on this one.

I heard something on reddit that says that harbor foundation can make fish dissapear.

You should maybe check that, if it’s true, this would be hell of a cheesy bug xD

We’re aware—if you see this one being used as an exploit, please keep making reports.

Watched a replay today. It was so disgusting to see the enemy using map hacks and looking exactly at what we were doing and where to attack. Why do people feel the need to cheat? Do they feel small and worthless? I reported the player. I am so tired of games being filled with hackers, it seems it’s the norm these days. Maybe I should take a break from games, I don’t know, apologies for the rant.

Its probably not a hack. I wanted to watch my camera locations during some games and it was completely out of where I actually was. Like on the other side of map for no reason for like 3-5 mins. Its buged

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If you watch a replay and somebody is following your units and sending their units to yours, do you still believe it’s a bug? A mere coincidence? I find it hard to believe.