People more concerned about balance changes than the actual state of the game

Its funny how most threads on this forum are either requesting balance changes, or suggesting adding new civs to the game (both of which gets 100% ignore by the devs). If you have been playing the game as long as I did, you would remember that the game had maybe 10-15 years with no balance changes at all (and it was still playable).

The current state of the game is not good and does require alot of attention

  • The pathing is completely broken, villagers and military occasionally run in the opposite direction which can sometimes lead to a decisive advantage for the opponent

  • Villagers become idle without getting reported as idle, or get stuck or frozen in front of resources

  • The multiplayer experience is below average for most of the people playing

  • The lobby system is obsolete / buggy and unintuitive

Maybe if people focus on reporting the important stuff we will all get a better experience.

But as it stands the number of players are getting lower and lower each month, and suggesting “balance changes” isn’t gonna grow the numbers or make it more playable.


2 Dlcs with new civilizations breaks this idea.Poland was asked for a while.

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Rams pathing is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in this game. Seriously trying to use rams in a crowded (lots of units, lots of buildings) environment makes them useless.
It’s not strange that pro players seem to always prefer trebuchets.


This includes the broken rating system from the release, like mentioned in Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues ?

The lobby was never a good system in my opinion when playing at HD or Voobly. Ranked is a superior system, but also has it flaws, which should be fixed. Improving ranked will make the lobby even more obsolete and there is nothing wrong with that.

I had wished the devs ignored thiese suggestions. Most of them are from noobs, but still make it into the game, while they devs dont really spend resources in fixing the real issues in the game. I would really love to see more focus on the list of issues you named, instead on things like balance and new civs. Balance in the past was never as good as in recent years. Yes, there are flaws, but they also exist in the past and no one really cared.

More focus on the real issue is really needed.

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Developpers are more concerned about what they can EASILY DO.
If it’s hard, they don’t even bother to answer our posts, although they do read.

But sadly, important things are not always the easiest ones.

Pathing on rams and villagers can be fixed by giving them smaller collision boxes.

Military I have never had go in the opposite direction, but they will try to regroup when selected with units much further behind. This is intended.

Ranked won’t be fixed soon.

The lobby system will never be fixed due to how it was coded in the first place.

This is a place for discussions. You’re talking about things that don’t require a discussion. Bad pathing is bad and should be fixed, obviously.

We suggested to split and make a sub forum for balance and civs proposals, so the forum can focus on actual and real MP issues.

This game wasn’t made by a single team, forgotten empires are modders and only visual content creators so they are the team adding civs and writing the balance changes, another team was hired to do the proper coding(don’t remember their name)that team is probably the responsible for the QoL improvements and the small changes to the source code, that team is probably the only good answer to fix path finding but they are just a hired team tasked to do what the superior team commands, relic is doing the multiplayer so yeah all those disconnections and freezes during the queue are up to them, the real team in charge are World edges for the whole franchise, that team is responsible for ignoring our demands, keep and pushing the MM despite it hasn’t worked and will never do for team games and all the other punitive or forced settings.

Lobby system was never completed, probably they only focused on writing the MM, 2 years after release the lobby system only displays 100 games, despite having 10 times the number of games running average on peak times so yeah the lobby browser is incomplete, they removed DM and promised a ranked lobby for them(that hasn’t happened yet), they have ignored multiple times the issues with the rankings despite being something that even an intern can fix in 2 hours.

Even if FE team reads the forums they can’t fix things that are out of their reach or their calls, the devs probably just read the bugs forums to see what they can fix and write a report to send it to the team in charge,i highly doubt their communication is efficient given the poor results to the community demands.


Yea but at the same time both Burgundians and Sicilians were added yet neither were ever top requests

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I mean, plenty of (not particularly informed) people were asking for a Crusader, Norman and Dutch civ and some people mentioned Burgundy here and there.

Doesnt seem like a massive stretch to say that they heard that people.