People refusing to resign, hiding villagers

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Jellyfish cowards are the worst.

The only time I did it was when a player trash talked me from the start of the game, then I did this just to annoy him back a bit

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Spies are your friends. End of thread imho


While I don’t support this behavior if this is happening that often it might be because of something you did, still I haven’t played you and it is very unfair and insensitive to assume just because you are disproportionate victim of toxic behavior you must have done something to deserve it.

Yep, this phenomenon is not that rare or new, especially at lower elos (better players tend not to waste time hiding), and this is far from the worst online behavior. Annoying? Sure, but once you have map dominance, the tools to hunt them down are within reach.


950 elos are salty they are at an elo where they start watching youtube and learned 1 build order and they are salty that someone could beat them because in their mind every opponent is a… 900 elo noob who sends 8 to Berries (like they used to) and doesn’t follow build orders.

Losing with BO vs no BO guy = got cheesed = salty.


Surrender was never an option xd…