People with not many ranked games played

On team random map we get matched against people with like 5 - 20 games played so often. We are about at 1200+ elo so not high, but the people seem to be very good. And theres so huge difference in between the games that we play. So are people playing just casual games or is there smurfs here?

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First 10 matches are placement matches, which means most of the time the players elo, is highly inaccurate. Smurfs could just be someone switching from HD to DE. They still have to go through the first 10 matches.

Also, it depends on what your definition of good is. I’m at 1800+ and still consider myself a noob.

At 1200, it helps to have a solid and consistent build order, basic understanding of unit counters and civ strengths, and discord 11. Coordinating with your teammates is very important, you can win so many games easily with a coordinated scout/sc to archer rush. Also, know your maps. All the above are pretty easy with just a little practice.

Team Elo seems kinda broken.

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Ashame no respons from the devs, so we dont really know the issue.

One of the issues is teamed teams vs random teams. The teamed teams is just a group of friends with good communication. The random team is just a group of random players without any communication. I came across many playesr who just dont communicate something. Wish glhf? No response. Ask for strategy? No respons. This is killing the team games ladder to me. It seems like you can only have good games if you join the queue as team. It is the reason i almost only play 1v1s.

You can found 2k team game players, who are pretty bad at the game and wont even be 1k at 1v1 ladder. They are just carried by other players (=friends) in their games, This kind of things make team game rating pretty unreiable.

On DE? Being above 1600 means you’re in the top 1% so I feel like you’re definitely not a noob.

Not really the dev’s fault tbh.