Per and AI edit questions

Hello, I am using the PER editor and I would like to ask couple questions ( possibly more in the future) as I am designing a campaign.
So, first and in general is, are the ai and per lines and commands generally the same in AOE classic game and definitive edition?
And second, SNHouseOverage command, as the description in the PER editor I am using says How many houses over the 50 pop limit will the CP build. Is this number updated to 250 for the DE?
Thanks and have fun!
**Aditional question: SNAttackGroupMakeup, SNDefendGroupMakeup and SNExploreGroupMakeup have no description, Are they simply the number of units in the respective group or something else?


Hello, so I am searching how to use per and ai for aoe1 as well but unfortunately i dont know the answer to your questions, maybe testing the items will give you the response.

However i can share with you aoeheaven per content, it comes with a lot of commands and their meaning and some tips when designing them, hope it can help you:
Age of Empires Heaven » Per Files (