Performance and fps cannot be overlooked in DE

I see the min requirement is 4gb of ram and recommended is 8gb. I hope there is not a major disparity between the 2 in that the guy with 8gb of ram will have a significant advantage like in first person shooters. Same with SSD and HDD. They need to have similar performance in that if I’m using SSD and 8gb ram my attack isn’t first if opponent is using HDD / 4gb of ram and they actually attack first but their computer doesn’t register / send it to server fast enough.

I think many will play this game below minimum requirements as it happens on most games and it’s actually the biggest cause of negative reviews. Especially people with HDDs … hopefully the game will take that into account.

I think the number of players below min requirements will be significant because of how little it takes to run HD or voobly. They might expect the same from this game. Some games I play check the system before launching and have multiple presets like potato(under min requirements) fast, good, excellent ect maybe the same could be Incorporated here.

I’m thinking in terms of multiplayer which will be huge in this game and could prove to be a great e-sports experience.


Interesting to say that in June, but I have HDD 7200rpm and the game takes 5 min in order to load a scenario! Its strange because after that insane time, the game plays well!