I am making this thread to gather up tips, fixes and workarounds for common problems we have so far with the game. This way you could reach here for a easier access to these info and also link others in need. Also note that many of this info is taken from Microsoft FAQs, just posting here to simplify the acces to them.

Please consider replying with contributions!!

First steps
  • Disenable the Enhanced Graphics Pack (UHD).

  • Play on Fullscreen.

  • Check if your anti-virus or simmilar application is interfering with the game. Consider whitelisting AoE 2: DE or turning off/unnistalling the anti-virus to run a test.

  • Shut down other programs and applications running on the background, such as VoIP apps and navigators.

  • Check if your system drivers are up to date.

  • Look out for your PC cleaning. Dirt on the hardware can often cause performance issues.

  • Check out for your HDD/SSD storage space. A much full and/or fragmentated storage drive can also lead to performance issues. Consider cleaning those as well.

Game crashes
Poor performance
  • Also note that, for intrisicate reasons on the way that the multiplayer works, if a player on your match displays a red clock next to their name the whole match will lag. There is no way to avoid this.