Performance issues in advanced MP/SP matches


I come to share this problem that I have suffered from it for a long time…
On the island/team island map, after a certain match time elapses the team does not respond, orders are not sent (units) and FPS drops abruptly.
On some occasions it is fixed and the game continues, but it gives me the feeling of a saturation problem.

My setup (Steam):
Ryzen 5600X - 16GB 3200mhz - SSD M2 512gb - RX 6800 16Gb
the alerts that the game is delayed asks to lower the graphics, which does not solve anything
network or ping problem I don’t think it is, since the connection continues to respond well

For this reason, I can’t play with more than two players on water maps. All my games end with the game being closed with ALT+F4 since the Menu button doesn’t even respond to me.
my friends can continue playing (I am the host).

Does anyone else have this problem? on continental maps it does not happen to me.