Performance, Matchmaking and Quality of Life

Unfortunately the last couple of months have not had any significant improvements I’ve seen on these fronts.

For matchmaking, in team games they need to also consider 1v1 ratings, as these are actually true indicators of skill. Often the highest 1v1 elo on one team will be lower than the lowest on the other team. As these ratings are usually unbalanced the team games are usually unbalanced.

For performance, allowing lower resolutions, players to lower frame rates, and have a greater control on how far they can zoom out and other changes to reduce the amount of stress on the typical laptop/computer.

For quality of life, adding cumulative idle stats, more timeline information such as displaying each players military and villager populations as you slide your mouse across the timeline, not just the final population at the end of the game. Being able to rewind the records, by stepping back through the gameRecord file. This doesn’t need to render except the clock going backwards, and this will save players from restarting the replay if they want to watch something twice. Allowing for faster fast forward would be good too… Again you can drop rendering the gameplay and just show the clock to speed this up.

There are other great suggestions relating to matchmaking, quality of life and making the game run smoother on less powerful computers. Unfortunately, these tweaks and improvements seem to be ignored. Making the game run fast, smoothly, aesthetically and matchmake fairly will draw more users in and stop users turning away in their thousands.