Persian Architecture

I would not consider trashbows pretty generic

Also faster working TCs

tbh, this is incorrect

They don’t represent only Sassanids, but they represent pre-Islamic to post-Islamic Persia (Safavids)

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Don’t get me worng. They are a super intresting civ.
Maybe generic is not the best word for what I meant.
I was trying to say that the civ is not heavily oriented towards some historical aspect. Faster TCs and start with more resources can mean anything if you try to give it a historical background. Also, they have bonuses for both cavalry and archers.
So no one can claim “It is obvious persians represent [any persian dinasty]” based on bonuses and the tech tree.

This is exactly what I think. I’m sorry if my english made it seem the opposite.
But, to be fair, that’s like my head-canon, since the only way to be sure of that would be to ask a dev.

It isn’t as inaccurate as Indians tbh

But if we’re being fair, Persians (especially Sasanid) would be quite OP if it was historically accurate at 100%

they use Sassanid Persian mythological creature as their icon in game, also in game history section starts with rise of Sassanid Persia and end of it, also Safavids came at the end of it, and game mentions ONLY Sassanids and nothing else, Muslim Persians are in Saracen group, since Saracen just means Muslim. Also you said “generic” War elephants were excessively used by Sassanids and stopped being used when Muslims invaded, Persians stopped using elephants after Sassanids, also their Wonder is Tāq Kasrā, a Sassanid arch of Ctesiphon, also their unique tech, called Kamandaran is a formal and officially stated division in the army, their in game interface symbol is Ahura Mazda, god of the Zoroastrianism, Sassanid religion, their bonus, starting with more resources depict Sassanids being already developed by the start of medieval ages, their faster working TC is symbol of Sassanid city production, they built so many cities in order to increase their population, they were famous for that, they took captives in war and placed them in newly made cities I mean, they have

  1. Sassanid icon
  2. Sassanid history section in "in game encyclopedia
  3. Sassanid unique unit that was stopped using after fall of Sassanids
  4. Sassanid wonder, Arch of Ctesiphon
  5. Sassanid “tech” Kamandaran, official and formal name of division of Archers in Sassanids that were stopped being used after fall of them
  6. Sassanid UI interface symbol
  7. Civilisation bonuses that try to depict Sassanid situation and politics,

as you can see they have literally everything that qualifies them to be Sassanid and unique civ.

they depict Sassanids. (that took so many time to write :sweat_smile: