Persian Architecture

Persians in the game represent Sassanids, pre islamic Iran, but in game they have islamic buildings and a mosque, please change Persian architecture set to something closer to Sassanid architecture, add some “Persian Blue” to buildings, remove mosque and add fire temple, I am waiting for this since DE came, I used a mod in 2013 version to add Persian architecture, current “middle eastern” architecture just makes my roleplaying all go away… :c

They should use Central Asian instead of the nonsensical Middle Eastern.


it would be more fitting true, but it is still not “Persian” of 6th or 7th century, which Persian civ in game is about. Also, the colour turqoise makes it “Turkic” architecture, not Persian.

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Sassanids - Safavid IIRC

So, it’s a mix of pre-Islam Persia and post-Islam one

Kind of a mess

if you read in game wiki, it talks of Sassanids, current middle east architecture is Arabic, central Asian is Turkic, also even if they are Safavids, their civilisation is distinct enough to earn a new architecture. If an architecture set only for one nation is too much, maybe add Armenians, Sogdians or Afghans and share that Architecture with them.(also adding a campaign to Persians would be cool too!)

Yeah, they only got 1 historical battle, but they have quite a history to ignore

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A campaign against the Byzantines, Turks, Huns and Saracens? Call it Khosrow II?

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true, they dominated the middle east, I wish they add campaign, since they are a major nation they deserve their own campaign, maybe Khosrow’s war would be good, or Shapur II against arabs, or maybe Khosrow II against Byzantium and alternate ending of stopping islamic invasions.


also I want to add, (I know I want so many things :slight_smile: ), giving Fortified walls to Persians, here is my reason,
throught their rule, Persians built so many wall defences to protect their frontiers from barbarians, and there are TOO MANY of them to justify adding fortified walls to them, here are some:

1-Gorgan: it is longest of Sassanid defense line, It is described as “amongst the most ambitious and sophisticated frontier walls” ever built in the world,
It is 195 km (121 mi) long and 6–10 m (20–33 ft) wide, and features over 30 fortresses spaced at intervals of between 10 and 50 km (6.2 and 31.1 mi). It is surpassed only by the walls systems of Great wall of China as the longest single-segment building and the longest defensive wall in existence.

2- Fortifications of Derbent, it was protecting Eastern side of Persia, The immense wall, with a height of up to twenty meters and a thickness of about 10 feet (3 meters), stretched for forty kilometers between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, thirty north-looking towers stretched for forty kilometers between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, effectively blocking the passage across the Caucasus. The fortification complex was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. was still used even after fall of Persia by muslim invaders.

3- Wall of Arabs: after Shapur II won against all of Arabic tribes, he had ordered Wall of Arabs to be built so Arabs would not do raids frequently as they do

4-others: I am tired of writing so I will just add links :sweat_smile:

Let’s make something clear, my guy

The game is based on historical accuracy. So giving Persians Fortified Walls will make their defences super strong

Let’s consider balance first

Cause if we really wanted to go for historical accuracy only, Persians should have gotten Cataphract as the UU and not the WE

uhh I understand your reason, but walls aren’t even OP in game, also Persians already don’t have much defence bonuses, so it won’t make them OP, reinforced walls aren’t even used in multiplayer much

Fortified Walls are quite strong, also since Persians have BBT, that makes their defenses quite strong if FFW are added

Because the games usually don’t get to Imp (1v1 mostly, but sometimes even TG)

But when they do, FFW are a decent option

I understand you, maybe better not give them for gameplay reasons, but there are many civs who has fortified walls too, it won’t break game to nerf persians in say removing guard towers but adding fortified walls.or smthng like that.

Yeah, but in a TG (where FFW are mostly used), imagine a Persian Player with FFW and like 50 EWE

It’s a mega GG at that point

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true, I am not that competetive player, so I beg pardon for asking that :sweat_smile: I am more of Historical guy, play for roleplaying reasons.

Nah, dude

You always can make suggestions

You don’t need to be a huge pro

But some ideas can lead to imbalance

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for time period of games basis is middle ages which persians undergo bad times. they firstly ruled by arabs in 6th century then seljuks(turks) then mongols and finally safevids(turks again). so its is controversial

middle Ages begin in 476, also Sassanids fall in 651, She is in middle ages for 2 centuries, also in game, persians represent Sassanids.

if you read in game wiki, it tells this:

" The Persian Empire had existed for many centuries when the Middle Ages began. It had been reassembled following the conquest by Alexander in the fourth century BC and the subsequent breakup of his empire in later centuries. The Persians had been fighting the Romans since the third century AD.

The Persian Empire stretched from Mesopotamia to India and from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, encompassing the modern nations of Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. They fought the Romans, and later the Byzantines, for control of modern Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, and Arabia. The capital of the Persian Empire was Ctesiphon, called Baghdad today.

During the third and fourth centuries, the Romans made several attempts to subdue the Persians. In 364 a peace treaty was signed between the two that allowed the Persians to consolidate their power to the east and north. Beginning with the sixth century, the Persians began attacking the Byzantine Empire in Syria, Palestine, Egypt, and modern Turkey. The war between the two powers went back and forth. In 626 the Persians besieged Byzantium itself without success, and the Byzantines were able to invade Persia the following year. Peace was made between the two exhausted empires in 628.

The Persians were unprepared for the fury of the Islamic Arabs in the seventh century. The Sassanid dynasty of Persia ended in battle in 636. The Persians did not have a capital with defenses comparable to those of Constantinople. Muslim conquest of Persia was complete by 651."

I would love this change. Persian dome already an iconic feature of Cuman and Tatar buildings?


Persians represent what we want them to represent, since the game is so inaccurate in so many aspects that it ends up not representing any persian kingdom/empire in all its aspects. One can use the argument of the history tab for saying they are sassanids, or one could say they are islamic persians because of the mosques.
A more legitimate answer could be found asking one of the original developers what they intended to do with this civ. But even then, the franchise is in hands of another team, who can modify things as they consider better.
Persian civ bonus are pretty generic and their focus on cavalry was a thing for all of the iranian cavalries. So there is no precise answer to “What empire does persian represent in AoE2?”

In my opinion: Implying persians are sassanids only is ignoring 700 years of islamic persian states (including afghans and central asians) that raised after the weakening of the arab caliphates. The civilization design is so generic that it can easily be considered to be any medieval persian state, not only perisan in ethnicity, but in culture as well.