Persian Crossbows with Unique Tech

This unit in its current state is broke IMO especially in the late game. I just played a game on Arena where I had 5 relics and still ended up losing late Imperial because the opposing player spammed hundreds of these. I was Lithuanians and have the best skirmishers in the game and it still didn’t matter. IMO, Persians should lose thumb ring if they have the free gold tech with Crossbows. They might not seem that powerful early Imperial, but as the game progresses they’re over powered. They counter Champions, Halbs, and even Hussars easily at no cost of gold. I watched my trash units get owned by his Crossbows and Hussars and it wasn’t even close. The only way to counter them efficiently is using Gold units such as Cavalry and Siege. And when you make Cavalry, the Persian player makes Camels so that can be difficult to deal with as well.

Solution: Remove Thumb Ring from the Persian Tech tree.

Wait, what?^^
Aztecs? Byzantines? Vietnamese?

Anyway, doesn’t matter, Lithuanian Skirms should still beat Persian Crossbows cost effectively and I’m pretty sure it’s more your fault than the games fault.

Also they don’t counter FU Hussars. They do 2 damage per shot…

Don’t get me wrong, Persians are a strong civ right now and they are surely one of the best trash war civs with the Xbow Hussar combo you mentioned. But I dont think it is as broken as you claim.


I don’t think they are broken. Actually i think that tech aims to bring back war elephants: with crossbows you can counter halbs and monks, leaving the room for elephants to win the field, but, that’s it. Crossbows can be countered with skirmishers, onagers or FU hussars

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