Persian douche problem

I really tired of this strategy. Nearly every persian op trying to do that. It is a braindead tactic and makes game less enjoyable. Also extra hp on docks is annoying to. Killing docks takes too many times and able to persians come back.

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What map are you talking about? and why dont you simply place palisades to block the TC foundation if you apparently know its comming?

Wow. Thank you captain obvious, i did not think that. Maybe i should say that to viper, mr yo etc bcs team suomi use that strategy near every game (especially rubenstock).

I agree. I don’t find it very entertaining or conducive to interesting gameplay.

It is a tilting strategy to play against but it puts them so far behind economically, you can even just abandon your original TC and rebuild it somewhere else and still be ahead. Then scout where he’s taking gold and tower it. Or send scouts or archers while he’s still stuck in dark age. If none of that works, you will get up to castle age before him and just put 10x villagers on stone on your way up to castle age. By the time you reach castle age you’ll have enough stone to castle drop his forward TC. Alternatively just save your stone for extra TCs and use a siege workshop to kill his forward TC.

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Yes. That is how you do it but why should i have to play every game with same strategy ? Also dock bonus stronger then tc. Even if you win water you cant take down his dock since double hp and persian player can recover. How many civ has that kind of adventage ?

You only rarely match with Persian douchers though. How many of your last 20 games were actually against a Persian douche?


Agree… I had proposed adding a new mechanic. Building rate decay as far from closer TC is a building placed.

-Nerf to ###### (still possible, but even less worth as now)
-Nerf to Trush (but this way you can buff towers)
-Nerf to castle Drop. It can be very abusive or unnecesarry game finishing in some cases.

We have encircled in map pool and perdian ###### very comman.

If you’re getting douched on enclosed please drop the rec I wanna see that so bad


It’s not necessarily the ###### that needs nerfing. It’s the Persian bonuses and tech tree that needs changing. They are simply too bland, and don’t have anything else interesting going for them. If they had literally any other interesting strategy that people could do instead, there might be a more meta reason to pick them. As it is, they don’t even technically have a full stable, their UU sucks, one of their civ bonuses is a double edged eco bonus or only really good for douching, and their other doesn’t really help out all that much. They are just a really bland civ, they don’t excel at anything in particular. They aren’t necessarily bad, they just aren’t interesting. So it’s not the ###### that’s the issue, it’s the lack of anything more interesting to really do with them.


Yes, I am saying that in every persian topic. Persians too generic.

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Thx dude. How did i forget that. 11.

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The thing about Douching is you are in Fuedal age while they are in Darkage with more villager but you cant really do much with Fuedal age and you might even struggle to produce vills if you have been lamed, lost access to berries, or are Chinese. Maybe the strategy if you see it coming is to not click up let your TC die then finding a good alternative TC position pallisade block prior to building your TC and then click up if at all possible.

Just to get this clear, in amongst all your endless belittling, you said laming is not part of the game, and created an endless manifesto including mentioning how you smurf (which is beyond shameful) and then have the narcissism level lack of self awareness to tell someone to l2p when they don’t like douching?


+1. I cant understand what is the point of giving these kind of advice.

You know what, I don’t play online a massive amount. But I was against Persian douching on a conceptual level.

But now I have faced it and good lord it is possibly one of the most unpleasant things in the game for pvp.

It is not a braindead strategy cause it requires good vil micro and constant multitasking. It is not something 500 elo pickup the first time and execute to 1500 elo level. Besides, lamer may or may not achieve the result they are hoping for. The biggest mistake for defender would be to go panic and don’t know what you are doing.

Just like someone else says, use palisate to block TC foundation. TC is the hardest building to place in any ladder game, so blocking it should be a piece of cake.

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It is not about defending, i am saying why i have to face with ###### in every game? Very comman and easy strategy.

If that strategy was that easy and so popular, then why Persian is one of the less picked civ on arabia?

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