Persian Second Unique Unit: Bombard Elephant

What about this unit?

Basically when you get the Elite War Elephant upgrade, you also unlock the ability to produce an elephant that has a bombard cannon on its back. A hulking armored beast with high HP, but slow and expensive. To put fear into the emeny as your long range tank elephants with canons rip apart anything in front of them.

Would this make the Persians stronger?


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If anything this fits with indians more.wjy give to persians ?

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As much as I agree with you, that would also give Persians 3 unique units.

enlighte me pls, why you speak about 3 unique units?
persians have the one and only elephant as UU yet.

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He was trying to say Indians I imagine


It’s funny how so many AoE3 players want the bobmard elephant to be replaced with a normal cannon, and AoE2 players want the unit 11 It’s rare to see it not proposed as a replacement to the elephant archer tho

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Is this actually something that existed? Wouldn’t the recoil from the cannon either push the howdah off the elephant’s back, pull the elephant over, or break something (howdah, elephant, or both)?

I’m not quite sure how you would balance such a unit, which would be basicly a bombard cannon with lots of HP. How would you counter such a unit?

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