Persians buff suggestion

I suggest remove +50 food/wood but give them TC/dock works 5% faster in dark age.

Persians are underwhelming on arabia so the devs gave them a 5% dark age bonus on faster TCs/docks but it was deemed too strong by top players so they removed it. I think they should get the bonus back but lose the starting resources since it overlaps with Lithuanians. I don’t think it would hurt Persians too much on hybrid maps because their docks work faster in dark age.


So now they literally have only 1 civ bonus? Persians are kind of underwhelming anyway, don’t remove their extra starting res bonus.


This would actually be a buff at least on all land maps. Not sure about water maps.

Then why not have both the resources and the faster working stuff? It’s a pretty minor bonus, and it’s not really all that strong compared to a lot of the other stuff that exists now, so while it might have been OP a long time ago, I’d be surprised if it still is now.

Faster working TC in Dark Age singe-handedly bumped Persians onto Top Winrate, literally. When they get this, innitially in DE, they were broken.


I didn’t play right when DE was released or anything, but I don’t really see how this would be broken, considering the Hindustani’s cheaper vils or Malay faster age ups aren’t really that broken.

Honestly, I would love to see this back, especially now with Kamandaran being in a good spot.
As a reminder: +5% workrate grants one additional villager (which is really nice, in addition to the extra food/wood), but it also increases their dock work rate, so nomad would be even more one sided

That’s why I suggested Persians lose the +50 food/wood so they can’t build a fishing ship instantly on nomad. However, they would probably still be good because of the 5% faster dock.

That would make them even more boring though, wouldn’t it? Right now you can still go for an instant drush and have nice flexibility in dark age.
What would you give them in return? :thinking:

Nothing because the 5% faster TC/dock in dark age even with losing +50 food/wood is a buff. If they had both, it would be too strong. Top players said they were a top 3 civ when they had both. Plus it overlaps with Lithuanians starting food bonus.

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So? There are a ton of things that overlap now.

You can’t have a civ with just 1 civ bonus, it’s the most bland thing ever basically. We could try both, if it’s too strong, deal with that then, but either way, even if it is too strong, at least it will toss up the meta a bit, and if it isn’t, that’s fine too. Regardless, I don’t see how it will give them a better eco than Chinese, Mayans, Vikings, Burgundians, Hindustanis, or a heap of other civs with comparable/better eco bonuses.

They literally already tried it and top players said it was too strong. I doubt they would change their minds.

not related to civ bonus but i think a way to buff persians would be remove mahouts tech and increase the base speed of war elephants by a bit, then give them a new and cooler UT


Well actually the 5% bonus without the bonus wood and food would be a nerf to the civ, because you don’t get the res to pay for that additional villager/fishing ship. Even more so on Nomad because a 5% faster working dock doesn’t help when you don’t have the wood to do anything with it.


Faster working in dark age was tried and too strong. Persians were top tier when de released wirh it and hsd to be nerfed.

If you take away the extra resources not only does the civ only have 1 civ bonus, but it does nor have fhe resources to take advantage of the faster work rate.


Then keep them with the status quo, or maybe think about a new bonus.

Not all maps have water. This is awful.

That’s a pretty hard misconception and people noticed that afterwards. The main reason people called that op was that docks worked faster in dark age. But guess what the bonus for docks was bugged at that time and you only had regular rate in dark age.

Faster tcs literally gives you one more vil in dark age. And since you invest more food you won’t even have faster uptime although your tc technically researches feudal age earlier.

If you applied the old DE bonus (with faster docks working properly in dark age) that might indeed ne op for hybrid maps. But the tc is totally fine at least for land maps.

Imo the two bonus should be separated and the dock part should only include fishing ships or war ships, not both. Then it would be fine to give them back faster rate from dark age so the civ performs better at land maps. Because right now no matter if you talk open or closed maps persians is like bottom tier on both. And even bad on full water bc of no bracer.


I agree, +5% faster TC and dock in dark age but no starting resource bonus would be better design.

5% faster dark age TC is about as strong as the resource bonus, so I’m not sure whether it’d be a buff or a nerf.
It should be implemented regardless. There are other, better, ways of fine-tuning civ strength, such as UT cost.

you know top players usually exaggerate thing right? what you get out of 5% in dark age is minimal at best, and you still have to pay full resources for that one extra vill / fishing ship anyway Meanwhile, other civs get much better bonus in dark age like frank, briton and chinese, etc.

i have seen top player exaggerate things many times and they later have to fix their statements that certain bonuses ain’t OP like they previously thought.