Persians Question

Is Trash Crossbows + Hussars + War Elephants a good army combination?

Very strong overall. You got cheap crossbow to keep halberdiers away from your elephants. Fast hussars to attack quick-moving units like horse archers. And elephants to ram down buildings and kill heavy units like knights.

Edit: Knights are what should be using in 1v1 basically instead of elephants. Elephants too costly outside of team games.

However, you should mix in some halberdiers of your own. Plus some heavy scorpions to kill enemy halbs. Bombard canons, and maybe even some rams could be of use to take out buildings. You may need some monks to heal your elephants if they take damage.

You may need everything?

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Too much food there…i think Paladins and skirms are enough

Elephants should not be used outside of team games. While they are strong. They just very costly without trade and a huge amount of farms. Depending on what civ you are facing. You need a mix of units to cover your weaknesses.

Knights are what should be using in 1v1 basically instead of elephants.

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The use of war elephant is more situational. Like when you are facing some kind of annoying push, though not that strong. In this kind of scenario, 1-3 war elephants might be the right fast answer to repel your opponent and then go in a counter attack with faster and cheaper units

I dont like the Elephant. I dont really make it part of my army as Persians. Also i would add some siege.

Arent Trashbows better, at least when you are not fighting crossbows? They also just cost wood, so you have food and gold for Paladins, wood for trashbows.

Yeah this will be good if you are not fighting archers civs

In TG? Yes.

In 1v1? Not at all.

In a TG you can go for Paladins too, since they are strong. But if you have a really strong eco (lots of farms + gold) then Elephants are the better choice

Both war elephant and paladin usually are too costly for 1v1. You seem them going for cavalier quite often but most of times you wouldn’t go into paladin after that but switch to hussar and use your gold for siege and upgrades for your trash units. So if you have unit compositions with 200pop in mind, usually you see hussar, trashbow and siege (siege ram, bbc and/or trebs) for Persians. In some instances you can replace trashbow by halbs but as Persians you’d probably only do that if you haven’t enough farms for good hussar production or your opponent fields more cav than you.