Persistent FPS issues

Hello, I’ve already contacted support about this and they are investigating, but I’m wondering if anyone in the community has also had the same issues. I have a desktop which should run the game decently (HP Envy 795 with 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti etc) and it used to run it well on high settings for all graphics (When launching the game the first ever time and scanning my system, the game also ranked the CPU stuff as very good). Now, however, ever since one of the updates after the African Royals DLC, the game has been unplayable with very bad lag. When I launched a game the FPS would lie between 3-7 FPS. All the other games which can be just as demanding on the system on my PC run very smoothly, and it’s only AOE3DE and AOE2DE that have the consistent FPS problems that render it unplayable. Even the home screen is extremely laggy when I first launch it. I’ve tried everything that support has suggested to me and done everything that I could to optimize the game but it still hasn’t resolved anything. Has anyone else been experiencing this issues and can help? Thanks in advance!

Your graphics card is not very good, it is recommended to adjust the game effects to a low level

Thanks! I’ve tried that also but it hasn’t helped. But also it used to run very smoothly before at 60fps on very high settings and unless the game reqs changed overnight I don’t know why my system is all of a sudden not good enough. I even ran the game on an older desktop belonging to a friend (with NVIDIA GeForce 1030 and samge 8GB RAM) and it ran very smoothly (high settings even) as it used to on mine before.

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