Peru/Incas feedback

I don’t have access to the age 3 DE beta however based on some things I’ve seen:
He was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He shut down the Peruvian congress, he reestablished slavery which the liberals from Peru and Spain had decided to end, and even separated Bolivia from Peru, give him the Venezuelan flag, nobody in Peru likes Bolivar, most Peruvians fought alongside the Spanish and after the Spanish lost, Peruvians fought Bolivar and beat him ending Gran Colombia alongside it.

The Incas were more similar to the Romans than they were from other native cultures before them, the Paracas and the Killke culture had very advanced technology compared to the rest, the Killke had very advanced stonework techniques, which allowed them to build the Sacsayhuaman fortress, which the Incas did NOT build, they inherited it from the Killke, they tried to copy the stonework style of the Killke but were unable to hence the newer sections of Sacsayhuaman are of much lower quality (not even close).

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With regard to the liberator Simon Bolivar, as you have said, many Peruvians do not like him and yet they are taught in schools that he is a hero. It is true that Peru had a war on two fronts (Greater Colombia and Bolivia) which directly resulted in the fall of Greater Colombia. The separation of Bolivia from Peru is not entirely precise, since Bolivia descends from the “Real Audiencia de Charcas” which was also part of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata and which passed to the administration of the Viceroyalty of Peru during the war of independence from Argentina. I suppose they placed Bolivar as the representative of Peru because it was there that the last Latin American war of independence was fought.

Regarding the Incas, I know that for many there is no difference between one Native American and another, but it must be affirmed that, as in the rest of the world, there were different kingdoms, empires and even peoples. The most developed and advanced empires in America (shortly before Cristobal Colón) were the Aztec, Mayan, Inca and (in my personal opinion) Chimú. Obviously there were many more advanced kingdoms such as the Chancas, the Huancas, Chachapoyas, Quito or Cajamarcas. In South America it is believed that the Chancas are direct descendants of the Wari, the Incas of the Tiwanaco and the Chimu of the Moche. I am not sure of the mother civilization of the Chachapoyas Kingdom but it must be the same as that of the “Nación-Pueblo” of the Shuar.
As is known, the first great South American civilization (Caral) developed on the coasts of Peru, so all the other South American kingdoms descend from it.

One point that I am glad you mentioned is that to understand the Incas is to analyze them as the Roman Empire, they had an uninterrupted campaign of conquests where they subjugated other important kingdoms (such as the Chimú and Chachapoyas) where they allowed them to preserve their culture, language , etc. And it is also currently known that there were South American kingdoms so developed that they were able to trade by sea with the Muiscas and the Aztecs (in addition to most likely reaching Polynesia)