Petard use

I know they aren’t that popular of a unit but I tend to use them a bit when I play. When I utilize them I end to use them in one of following ways:

  1. If there is a castle I can make a break for I try and take it out.
  2. If someone is turtled or in the fortress map blow a hole in multiple walls to either breach instantly in multiple spots or leave my opponent momentairly guessing which breach I am coming in through.
  3. Take out the markets and or town centers if I can get deep enough into the enemy’s town.
  4. Cause damage/distraction away from where my main force is attacking.

I know it’s a lot of resources and it’s not an even resource trade off by any stretch but I find they have their uses…anyone else?


El Petardo es el hacedor de milagros del Regicidio.

I normally build about 4-8 pre-emptive petards in case of enemy castle drops followed by a short drop and a sudden stop.

I think petard takes too much «training time» for what unit is… I mean, you only train few and need it fast… I think it should be a drastic, quick, but expensive response.
So, TT should be reduced to half, speed buffed a little, but cost sighly increased, like 80F 80G

Increasing the Gold Cost that much from the original 20 gold is pushing it way too far into nerf territory regardless of training time and movement speed potential

If anything, just reduce training time, increase petard damage to unfinished foundations by x2 and add an elite upgrade that improves movement speed and damage towards siege engines as well as possibly buildings while increasing pierce armor.


They are useful when the castle is too close to the opponent’s castle.

The flaming camels are who really need the buff.

Sometimes useful to take out rams or super close castles but otherwise I never use them. Probably should try them more but I prefer my own rams for that purpose since they are more useful long term and re-usable. Doesn’t take long to take out a gate with 4 rams.

You should try them against stone walls in arena or something, before you’ve shown anything at all. It only takes 2.

The wall is gone immediately and in run your unique unit(I need a castle after all). It can be such a surprise because it’s all instant. Rams take time and allows the opponent to recall behind.

I basically never play Arena, so that explains why I rarely use Petards

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Petards could get more usage, if they didn’t waste valuable Castle production time.

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Alternative would be the siege workshop or a new building in castle age

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