Petition for Chaos legion

I am making a petition to make Lyx, Rubenstock, Hoang, Jon Slow create a clan dedicated to making the most chaotic team games possible

  • Yes, I want to see the pro players suffer.
  • You absolute madman! The world can’t handle that level of Chaos!!!
  • That would never happen because Lyx is in WWP and Rubenstock is in Suomi and all of these player level in different part of the world…

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Couple of things. One, your poll format is screwed up, so it isn’t actually a poll. Two, making petitions is banned as per the rules of the forum. Three, I don’t think you can force players to make a clan if they don’t want to, you would have to approach them individually.


what about this made you think I was serious.

The fact that you bothered spending time creating it?


this would be 4 players from four different country in three different time zones who are all expected to go to practice at the same time, quit, their current clans, and communicate in a language that they don’t natively speak. While it would be fun to imagine the games this could create, I didn’t think this could actually happen.

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Is it bad that I have no idea who these guys are?

Yes. Well, no, but still. I wouldn’t have known who they all were 1-2 years ago. They are all famous for doing wierd and wild strats, as well as being top few hundred players. Just watch some of the T90 videos if you want to find out more.

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