Petition -- Make this the new Rus Knight

Sorry but, I’ve been really put off the current Rus Knight, as they look really rough with historically questionable shoulderpads and armourless horses. I feel somewhat cheated that all of those campaign videos for the Rus show these armoured, masked warriors and yet we don’t get to even use them. Turns out, they are real units that look… much much better. Of course, this is from the campaign and I never really took notice.

Could we turn these into the Imperial Knights for Rus? I guess they’re missing a shield, and the horse is of a different colour. But, that shouldn’t be too difficult to alter through their texture map as awell as attaching a shield to the unit. It just looks so much better. What do you guys think?

Alternatively, turn it into an actual Rus unit? Either way, this other model looks so much better.


There are two models with much better models.
One is Ivan the Terrible campaign knight model
The other one is Alexander Nevsky if I remember it correctly (the pictures you have provided.
Alexanders Nevsky’s armour is heavier if you compare it with Ivan the Terrible’s armour.
Both have full cavalry bardling (horse armour).

And, yes I would be happy if they change it to these models.
I always use these models when I play, it just needs 30 seconds to change the skin xD
I even made a Reskin mode using all campaign skins.
But didn’t publish it.

The Chinese also have a Mongol-type heavy lancer in the Mongol campaign.
He is also cooler than the current Chinese lancers.

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Why are their swords going through their heads?


Tbh that mask is more Cuman than Rus.

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Oh, very much so.

Though from the marketing they did for AOE4, it seems Rus was intended to encompass quite a few cultures that was in the area, as for example seen in that last image of my post. I don’t know if the image is based on the model or the reverse, but both are seemingly part of the Rus campaign.


Rus prince married a Cuman and they mixed. Even, Alexander Nevsky was half Cuman and Rus.
Cumans played a massive role in Slavic (Rus) civilization in history. because of the Cumans, Rus principalities were burned by the Mongols.

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Yeah I know. What I’m not sure is whether that iconic Cuman mask really got into Rus military.

It did, there are many fragments and full masks in the Museum.
because Rus principalities united with Cumans, they had horse archers and basically used each others’ best equipment, weapons, and armor. This is why most of the principalities were burned by the Mongols xD


Hilarious use of sword through head meme.