Petition to increase Palisade Joint Section QoL

So, the palisade joints look great, but players are currently forced to select them and delete them to save time, and guarantee the wall doesn’t generate unpredictable villager pathing. This, to me seems like a mechanical chore needed to fight the game, and the experience for players not knowing about this unintuitive trick is often along the lines of “Why did my worker walk around the the map to suicide”. or “How are the knights in my base, the wall looks finished”.

Therefore, i suggest:

  1. Increase range from which a villager can reach it, make walls consistently breechable if joint segment is missing.
    ( Most consistent with what seems to be the intention?)
    ( For a less “squeezing through” experience, a joint section destroyed could chain to the segmets on both side of it.)
  2. Make it non-buildable, aesthetic only, non-pathable, but have it complete as both sides of it finishes.
    ( Would be in line with current praxis)

I’m suspecting some awesome dev is looking into getting a palisade-gate queue working, hope they have the time to add some extra love to the palisades.

Further on palisades: Sometimes I can’t seem to “stop” them to cancel them mid-production, nor use the “delete” option visible through the ui even when non-finished.