Petition to increase siege unit setup time

I feel the Trebuchet has a good set up time, in that its around 4-5 seconds as opposed to the Mangonel or bombard setup time which is just shy of a second… All siege units should have long set up times to punish poor positioning and allow counter play into massed siege, Such as the Onager…


the fact that this still isn’t solved is a sin, AOE3 artillery is a perfect example on how that should be handled, or you can mimic AOE2 and make siege super slow, current system just doesn’t work, making siege only comps
too viable which is obviously not a good thing


The main reason is that siege units have too much survivability. This makes it too early for them to dominate the battlefield, and their upgrade lines are very short and powerful

I still have that opinion, even if the current siege (except Ram and Trebuchet) health is directly reduced by 50% and Springald’s damage is adjusted, they will still appear in large numbers on the battlefield and are still powerful. It’s just that the endless torrent of mechanization will come later.

It’s the only way to balance the game and make it fun.
This is the age of empires, so siege units should be expensive and fragile siege units, not some SC2 battleships and tanks

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Siege has just been weakened. It remains to be seen whether adjustments continue to be required. They are already very slow.

Play a team game and it becomes immediately clear that more work is required. Mangonels and
Nest of Bees are still massively overpowered.

For me it is increasingly clear that the focus on their survivability is part of the problem. Their actual attack damage is a large part of the issue - while you have a unit type that can almost immediately delete huge swathes of your opponents army people will be enticed to mass those units. Relic need to look at the attack of these units, not just their health, speed, pack and unpack times.

The strength of mangonels is oppressive to all foot units. It’s just too much.


In AoE2 you are super limited on gold! That’s why siege is more balanced.

In AoE4 you can mass gold like crazy. With Abbasids market you get 100k easely super fast .

Siege does not work with Infinite gold. In fact in AoE2 siege onager is stronger than Mangonnel in AoE4.

BUT the cost IS not the same.

Also you need 2 ultra expansive upgrade to reach siege onager (800+500 and 1450+1000) also you need chemistry and siege enginer. And they die super fast, one unit in the minimum range will destroy 4-5 SO.

Siege in AoE4 need way way more changes to work. The fact that you have almost Infinite gold makes it impossible maybe


I’ve been saying this all along. Bombards behave like modern tanks because their deploy time is almost nothing, so they can fire, move to safety, re-aim, deploy again and repeat. If you add villagers to heal them up then they’re almost invincible once you mass a few. French cannons are worse and dominate everything.

The patch was a move in the right direction, but if bombards, mangonels/NoB and springalds don’t have their pack/unpack times increased significantly (3x at least) they will remain OP. Culverins do not deploy to fire so that’d be an exception. Trebs can be left untouched since they’re niche.

The issue is walls… and only siege being able to attack them.

Point taken, but longer pack up time would still at least punish poor positioning, and prevent siege only comp, unless ofc you’re good enough to do it, not like now when its the go to