Photo Restoration Challenge — The Sultans Ascend

I agree. They said its “the biggest expansion yet” so maybe they’ll have 1 or 2 more civs to beat the ottoman/mali expansion.

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I imagine the Byzantines will have some defensive capabilities, since they were legendary for the walls of Constantinople. Perhaps the Aquaduct provides healing to any unit sent to it? or an aura around the fountain houses? Looks like there could be a signal fire in one of the houses in the pic too. Perhaps they will have a alert like the english?

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Hopefully we get to see some landmarks soon it looks like Hagia Sophia is the wonder and all the other buildings look like unique or generic buildings.
The Olive Groves look to be the size of normal farms they might just be generic like rice paddies or wheat fields from other Civs.
I think the Cisterns and Aqueducts probably improve units in combat and villager work rates. they might be able to heal units in there influence

This is a very wrong analogy.

The “Normans” came to England as a minority ruling class. The people never considered themselves as Normans even after the conquest. They considered themselves as English, or Anglo-Saxons, or inhabitants of their local county, in whatever language they used at that time, but not Normans. It’s like Manchu to the Han Chinese. Calling them English is very appropriate.

What you’re comparing is the direct opposite: calling the Eastern Roman Empire “the Byzantine Empire” is like calling the English “Normans” or something like “the Iceni Kingdom”——guess why we don’t do that.

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Hell yeah, I will conquer Byzities with ottomans and then build minarets on the Hagia Sophia :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s closer to calling the English the Londinium Empire. Byzantium was the name of Constantinople before Constantine

It was just one picture

I accept Byzenties as Easter Roman Empire. They are true romans than Hre. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Greek could be for last age, first 1-3 must be latin.

Byzantine it is


The Roman Empire is here! Eastern Roman Empire or Roman Empire are both fine to me.

There is a reason why noone calls HRE romans but always with all 3 letters HRE to distinguish and emphasise all 3 words

And why is that? Herakleios introduced Greek as the official language in the 7th century. Even before Greek was the common language and Latin only used in administration and military. How would you justify Latin as the spoken language?

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The Byzantines are one of my favorite civilizations in AoE 2. I have high expectations :grin:

YES ! This is Byzantines !

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I have high hopes for Japanese civilization, and I hope the developers handle it with dignity. :grin:

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I have high hopes for Japanese civilization, and I hope the developers handle it with dignity. :grin:

Screw dignity! I want the civ to be handled with lots of UwU :eyes:

When a villager / woodcutter is attacked by a wulf…

Run Forester Run!

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