Picking from AoM to AoE3DE [Idea bundle]

Just tossing some ideas here.
What unique features in AoM would be cool to see implemented in AoE3DE?

:arrow_forward: Ideas

- :one:

Another topic suggested adding an “In-game compendium and stats” page.

You know, as an expansion from the [+] button at the upper right corner of a unit icon (The one that only shows the history/basic info of the unit).

- :two:

Another topic, can’t find the link, suggested the mechanic of priest praying on the churches generating xp, that way the priests have more use to those who don’t make them to heal their units.

- :three:

Not sure about implementing the auto-training button from the titans expansion (Sometimes you have to put the micro to work to make it more engaging) but it’s up for debate.

Anyway, most other features are already implemented in some way, like in the US expansion we got the “Passive abilities” like the overhaul on the landsknecht, or the egiptian “Building work improver” on the griot.

Any other features unique to AoM I’m missing leave them below :grin:


That feels more adequate as a gimmick for a specific civilizations rather than a general new mechanic. And we already have some civilizations that sort of do that already, Incas for instance can task their priests on the Plaza to generate, among other things, XP.

Automating units training doesn’t take much away from the micro IMHO, it’s just a QoL feature to help you focus on other more important stuff rather than queueing up villagers every 30 seconds or so. You still need to manage your resources to make sure that you can support unit production and be aware of what you’re training at any given time.
If the competitive community thinks this cheapens the game too much, then it could be implemented just a single-player and casual matches feature, banned from ranked gameplay.

Civilization specific tutorials. If I’m remembering correctly, AoM had video tutorials that quickly explained each civ’s unique mechanics and gimmicks. Since AoE3 has more civs and more complex mechanics than AoM, I believe that such a feature will be of much value to new players.

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