Ping gradually increases to absurd amounts

Hey tthere, i bought the game on steam. I got a weird problem. I start the game, click on multiplayer and wait for the connection quality to load up. At first they all look normal. Im located in turkey, so the servers that are close to me look good at first pings between 80-120 ms but after 5-10 secs or so, all of the pings on every server start to increase. By increase i mean after a minute of waiting those 80-85 ms becomes 600-650 ms and its all like that with every server there is. The weird thing is servers that are close to me becomes the same with the ones that are furthest away from me, like 600 ms on westeurope and 630 on US.

This does not happen with any other game ive played. Cs:go, dota2, lol, team fortress 2, squad, company of heroes, dcs world, tekken 7 etc. I ve never experienced anything like this in any of these games other than aoe2de.

I got a pretty powerfull pc, stable fps on max settings, benchmark test results in 1000 something score. Im not using wifi and my bandwidth is more than enough.