Piracy experience in AoE IV

Though piracy a bad stuff but usually more gets glamorized through popular literature. What AoE IV has to offer regarding piracy experience, way back in the epochs in AoE IV??? I’m expecting that AoE IV game or in its future expansion pack, should provide a piracy gameplay, where players controls and manages the affairs of a pirate kingdom or domain. As piracy started around thousands of years ago and there were covert domains or states based on piracy with their covert systems of governance, trade and conscription. Different Pirate domains or tribes, represent themselves under the banner of their own unique symbols.

I was saying they should have used the Scandinavians to represent England during the early sections of Medieval history and the French to represent it in the later periods. If they replaced the English with the Scandinavians you would probably get a lot of Viking themed stuff and they were like pirates.


You got it straight. Vikings morons are the classic possible hands on desprictions of both pirates or piracy.

Vikings are overly used, I’d rather have Japanese pirates.

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I love Vikingr a ton, (even my avatar is Yggdrassil) but they wouldn’t fit the role of pirates unfortunately. They raided, settled, bodyguarded, and traded but they didn’t really do naval warfare. Just naval transportation.


a person who attacks and robs ships at sea.

They preferred to rob monasteries filled with Christian gold or Constantinople’s riches. I agree that there should be a pirate faction though.

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I just came to know by the link, the wokou were really highly resillient and symbolic pirates. Wonder how wokou are unique or similiar to other pirates back in time then, in terms of structure and their ultimate master plan. Anyway I will prefer if AoE IV has a seperate option of choosing various pirate factions for playing skirmishes and pirate campagins.

Vikings do have piracy in their historical transitions to sustain their domain, as they raided coastlines which included the american ones, with their unique design of combat naval vessels.

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I feel like piracy could be included in a campaign, but they are not exactly an “empire”. Plus they were heavily involved in slavery and atrocities, pirates were one of the dominant form of capturing and transporting slaves for a while. I know some literature glamorizes pirates but once you actually read into their literature they are a very sad existence outside of their crazy stories and military achievements.

Perhaps some maps could have AI pirate factions similar to treasure guardians from aoe3 or perhaps defend the market.

Despite that some pirates have some pretty epic stories. However I think a British captain Thomas Cochrane blows all navy stories out of the water, his story is absolutely insane and how he abandoned britain and served other countries seeking revolution. Truly worth a read about, some YouTube videos show his story well. However that’s more reaching colonial times. Pirates are also more later age, than newer. So it’s also difficult to fit them in the right time capsule for aoe4.

There is so many naval faring nations with awesome histories and details however I think naval combat will need some more complexities and changes for navy to really take an integral part of this games focus. Relic seemed hesitant with even including navy let alone expanding upon it. A large sum of the community says it dislikes the naval mechanics and how it was done. I can see many weaknesses with it myself.

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I think there should be some neutral pirates/robbers in the map.

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Well, did you know there was legal in piracy?

Some empire would give legal rigth to pirate enemy ships and sell the aquire goods in any city of the empire?

In a way, piracy was not legal only for the enemy that is being raid.

Some piracy did turn against empire, but they had support of rebel city.

I see piracy in age of empire 4.

Fun fact: Viking raid was piracy.

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I originally thought this was a post about help pirating the game on the official forums… 11

Regarding the actual post - I can see it occurring in perhaps campaigns, but I don’t see this being implemented on regular games. But even for campaigns, there are so few of them (due to the different scale of campaign making in this game) that I doubt they’d spend the efforts of making this when they could tell the story of another civilization.


Looks like another anti european topic for some reason.

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I meant that Vikings were coastal and in-land raiders, then maybe there was fun stuff about them in their past.

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Spyken I think you are referring to corsairs and privateers, however many corsairs did change their flags to a pirate flag and Rob and pillage when it suited them and some high up military officials and captains permitted this, however it was not legal. Piracy itself is a crime, so any form of being a pirate was illegal. Corsairs and privateers were legally hired to deal with ships in a “pirate” like fashion, or had a reputation for being a pirate through flag changes and activity but we’re hired under the visage of a Corsair.

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