Pirates of the Caribbean

New Venetian Natives will come with the next update.


Did anyone else have the same issue? And on which map did it appear?

We’ve tested properly all maps and are not able to replicate this bug. The ship training works always normally.

@LeonBlack So it can be caused by these factors:

1/ You didn’t restart the game after the Age of Pirates mod installation or update
2/ You had some other mods active at the same time.

Can you please provide us a bit more details to be able to fix this? Like:

  • which map?
  • single-player/multiplayer?
  • total number of players (including AI) on the map?

Many thanks for help :pray:

Somehow my game froze on an irregular intervals when I play on Malta Corsairs (I only played on this map though, haven’t tried the others). I already deactivated all my mods just like the instruction told me to, do I have to uninstalled them instead? Nonetheless, excellent mod btw :+1:

@Alexios732 No uninstallation is necessary. Deactivation is just enough. If it just freezes and doesn’t crash, it can be just a game performance issue. Did it happen in SP or MP?

It freezes, then crashed. Never got any perfomance issue before & I played SP.

@Alexios732 Did it happen repeatedly or just once? How many total players were in the game when it happened?

2 times I played, 2 times the game crashed. 2 players in total, just me & 1 bot. I do kind of rememberwhen the game crashed.
The first time I played, the game didn’t crashed when I completed all the pirates upgrade but when I try to complete the Maltese upgrades, it crashed. The second time meanwhile, when I try to click the mini map, the game crashed.
I do always have numerous ships that surround the enemy island so they can’t create any docks by the late game, so maybe they just stack too much land units?

That sounds reaonable, but even though I actually have several alternative theories why should this happen, so we have to exclude them one by one:

  1. Animations and models - did you restart the game after updating the mod? The new version of Malta map contains some new buildings. When you just update the mod and don’t restart the game, the map is still playable, just the new models don’t appear, but this can cause some code mishmash and potentialy later on also a crash.

  2. Triggers - the custom maps are using triggers for these events:

  • native politician selection
  • native ship training

Triggers can potentially cause a game crash but usually while being “triggered” by some of these events (ship training / politician selection). So did something like that happen or the game crashed just randomly? Our triggers have been tested many times on SP and MP and such thing just NEVER happened, but in combination with other factors teoretically could.

  1. AI - the new AI is very naval-expansive, so maybe when you block all the options to build docks and ships it can get into some loop. But I haven’t ever heared that AI can cause a game crash. @AssertiveWall20 @AlistairJah Have you ever heared something like that? @Alexios732 Can you just keep the mod active while playing some standard map like Caribbean and let us know what happened? You can still enjoy the extended AI features which are available also on standard maps + couple of visual updates of the standard game.

I installed the mod when the new Malta map released already so I didn’t have to update the mod, but I still always restarted the game after I uninstalled the other mods & installed your mod.

I didn’t know that standard maps are also affected by the mod as well, I’ll try playing on standard maps then, I’ll give you an update when something is up.

Yep, that would be great. I still think your issue is extremely rare, but I’m curious, because we’re in touch directly with some AoE devs. So if there is some compatibility issue, we can find out what it is. We’ve discussed it within our team and already have some theories, why should it happen. So for now we can at least probably exclude the trigger system because as you said, this crash is happening randomly, right?

@Alexios732 you can also join our Discord server for more updates: Age of Pirates

I do have other mods installed but not active ( that little circle isnt filled in) would that matter at all if the only active mod i had was this one? if so then thats prob what was causing it either way great mod how do i upgrade it to a 5star

That won’t matter as long as you restarted the game after ####### #### #######

BOOM! Haha, now I’m not alone anymore :partying_face: This forum’s censor algorithm is such a mess :weary:

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We found out what caused the bug and we managed to fix that. We’ll release a hotfix very soon.

The Pirates are happy and celebrating! We managed to fix the Pirate civ game crash bug and released a hotfix. Thanks to everyone who helped us discover and fix this bug! The currently released version is stable.

Check our Discord for future updates. More content is coming soon with the Venice upgrade.


New maps are coming soon!


The discord link is expired. Could you post a new one?

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Yes! The latest update includes:

  • new maps
  • new Venetian natives (including the water fort!)
  • AI improvements
  • Map Editor support for the new natives

I’ll let @BaltazarGreat share more details of the new maps and features, but I can talk about one big one:

This update includes AI support for Archipelago (beta)! The AI is now capable of gathering and building across multiple islands. It’s still a beta, though, and land attacks from the enemy are currently minimal.


Hay, here is a new invite to the discord

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Here it is: Age of Pirates

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