Pirates of the Caribbean

Everything is now included and we plan to add even more content and of course also more maps with a completely new gameplay style. The most recent news appear always on the Discord channel.


Hi @BaltazarGreat

I really love your mod, especially how it gives natives a rich identity giving more weight as a “minor civilization”.

I also make mods for Age of Empires III. You might not know me but I’m the author of the “Native Alliances - Jesuits” mod. And while checking your mod I notice some things the caught my attention. To be more specific some of the Jesuit related techs, units, descriptions, etc. have a striking resemblance to my mod. Let me give you some examples:

The Arcabucero resembles the one from my mod a lot, stats and all. You even kept the original description mentioning that he benefits from promotions.

[sorry there was supposed to be an image hear but it seems that I’m not allowed to embed images, I’ll give you a link for now]

I also notice that two of the techs share the same name and icon used by ones from my mod. Heterodoxy is using an icon I heavily edited from an existing one (Mission Fervor) pixel by pixel, and Scripturalist (again using an icon I made) haze the exact same description an effect as the one in my mod.

You also make a lot of references to the Congregacion building and Congregacion wagon for one of your tech (again the exact same a mine) despite the building being called “Monastic Grange”. But this might be me overthinking things.

There are also other details but I think my message got across. I’m all for sharing my work with other modders, you know helping each other out to create better mods and make the game better. But I would have liked to at least be asked for permission before using my stuff.

Hi, I played your mod and got inspired by that. I always though the Jesuit mod is an official thing from the AoE Team as well as the Winter Wonderland. The Jesuit extension has originally not been planned and has been included on a hurry, so therefore I probably forgot to replace some stuff which was meant to serve just as a placeholder used while testing. And now to your concrete points:

I confess that I used the some of Arcabucero assets for a placeholder unit. The same probably with the two tech icons (techs are different, but it’s possible that the icons stayed there as placeholders and have not been updated)

Congregation is actually just the name of the tech (the used icon is new btw), principially works very differently, uses a unique Jesuit-architecture skin, unique monastery garden with herbs and can be farmed by the priests, so there was a bit inspiration by the name at the beginning, but the result is very very different. I don’t know what to say to the congregation wagon. If you played our mod, you might have seen, that we’re using about 20 different new wagon types. It’s actually still the easiest possible way how to build any new building without adding it to the (already full) settler’s deck.

So, we can do this:

1/ We will replace Arcabucero and the two tech icons and if you have some other suspicions because of used descriptions, then we can provide you a pre-release access to check, if there is nothing more reminding your mod remaining.

2/ We have a lot of new (not only) Jesuit related stuff - Monastic grange as a special farm type with a new texture following the Jesuit architecture, Jesuit cathedral, Jesuit European buildings, ca. 150 unique tech and unit icons and way more. So we can officialize the collaboration and move it to the next level with a mutual asset exchange. I have a bit different philosophy and personally believe in an open-source ######de, so if you want to use any of our original assets, feel free to do so.

I can assure that any decission you make regarding to that will be fully respected and concidered before the future version updates.


I appreciate your response a lot and I’m flattered that you consider my mod to be on the level of the AoE team.

As for what to do now, I believe that collaborating will be the best for everyone. Since you offered me the use of your assets, I’ll do the same, so you are free to use any assets from my mod as you see fit.

And if you want to use anything from my other mods just let me know. I can even help with integrating them.

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Permanent discord link: Age of Pirates

That’s awesome. The best way would be if you join our Discord, so we can discuss it there: Age of Pirates

Seasons greetings everyone! We are excited to bring you a brand new map, just in time for the holidays!

Named Silent Night, this new map serves as a festive themed successor to Winter Wonderland, this time taking place across a snowy mountain pass. In typical Age of Pirates fashion, the map features an expanded native settlement: The Christmas Village. At the village you’ll find new units, new techs, and three new politicians poised to turn the tide with their own unique units.

On top of that, this update also contains the new map Kuril Islands. Ally with the new orthodox natives or stick to the rogue scientists as you battle for control over this northern archipelago!

You can find the mod here: Mods Single - Age of Empires

Lastly, I want to give a special thank you to @vividlyplain for scripting the map and @BaltazarGreat and the rest of the mod team for turning this map idea into reality!

2023-11-30T08:00:00Z Hotfix is out! It should fix a consulate bug and the issue with a trade socket sometimes not spawning in.


This mod is very ambitious. I love the effort and creativity in the design, and the custom elements are well done.

I won’t quibble over the numbers for specific native techs and units (even tho there’s a few that raise an eyebrow) but I will list some things I think are oversights:

-Native TPs generally don’t trickle xp (or influence), but that may be intentional
-the Monaspa Lancer from the Orthodox settlement don’t have the Native Warrior tag
-Flying Buttress in the European/Custom Jesuit TP doesn’t work
-Christian Schools may also be bugged, but it’s harder to tell
-not a bug, but I think giving the Airship a unique icon on the mini map, such as a target reticle, would make it easier to spot
-Corsairs of the Mediterranean doesn’t have outlaws, is that intentional?
-Gunpowder Barrels only improves Broadside attack, may not be bug but tool tip unclear
-For USA, they can only build 1 Bank, so the Maltese Banks don’t work entirely
-The Maltese Factory doesn’t increase build limit, may be intentional
-the Venitian Bombard costs only 100 influence for African civs
-Jewish Diaspora units don’t shadowtech for African civs, might be intentional?
-Jewish Cossacks may be missing an upgrade?

Overall I really like the focus on water and natives in the map design, makes them feel important and worth fighting over. And the Silent Night map was really charming. Keep it up!


Name one :grin:

In all seriousness, though, I think everything you mentioned is a bug and we really appreciate the feedback! Were any techs or units particularly egregious?

Hi, many thanks for the feedback. Actually, the best way to give feedback and make sure it will be processed in the next release is to join our Discord and report it to the #bugs channel. But back to your points:

  • Native TPs generally don’t trickle xp (or influence), but that may be intentional - definitely a bug. Can you please be a bit more specific? Influence for African civs is pretty clear but which improvement you use to autogenerate the XP?
  • Monaspa Lancer - fixed (for the next release)
  • Flying Buttress - fixed (for the next release)
  • Christian Schools - fixed (for the next release)
  • Corsairs of Mediterranean - definitely a bug. I have to test the map and add them
  • Gunpowder Barrels - intentional. The tooltip already fixed (for the next release)
  • Bank Build limit - bug, not that easy to fix, but we’ll definitely do that
  • Maltese Factory - fixed (for the next release)
  • Venetian Bombard - normally costs 600 Gold and 100 Wood, wasn’t it after some improvement? Venetian Bombards are still marked as Native Warriors, so the Native upgrades should affect them.
  • Jewish Diaspora units don’t shadowtech for African civs, might be intentional? - can you please explain it a bit more?
  • Jewish Cossacks may be missing an upgrade? - might be a bug, I’ll check it. But if you played for Russians and upgraded standard cossacks, the upgrade should be done automatically also for the native variant then.

Anyway, very useful feedback. We’re focusing a lot on improving our testing process, but we still have some reserve in doing the testing more systematic way. Would be great if you join us and time to time help us with that!

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So, just one more update regarding the rest:

  • Bank Build limit - fixed (for the next release)

  • Jewish diaspora - was not able to replicate the bug. But as I said, if you play for Russians, the Cossack improvements are shared

  • Venetian Bombard - fixed (for the next release)

  • Corsairs of Mediterranean - was not able to replicate the bug. Can you please send a PrintScreen from the tavern?

  • Native TP and generating XP / Influence - compared with standard Jesuit TP and the influence is not being generated. We can’t work on that one until we find out more about the bug. So please provide more details if you can.

  • shadow alliance - we’ll try to add this option even though it will be probably restricted and will not contain all possible techs. Especially native politicians will be problematic.

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This mod is amazing !

I know the mod is focused on water maps. But I would have liked more hybrid maps like the Great Lakes or Carolina. I love the new native villages, but being able to only play them on maps where sea transport is required is becoming a bit redundant.

In any case, congratulations. This mod has become legendary !


Thank you for the feedback and great screenshots. Let me just explain a bit more the Age of Pirates Philosophy and goals:

1/ Age of Pirates is a naval mod from its nature, so it can’t be different and we DO NOT PLAN ANY spin-off. The question is not if we should include more hybrid or land maps (which become after a certain time repetitive as well) but the question is how to make the naval maps more competitive and fun to play:

  • The Navy was an absolutely underestimated part of the Aoe3 and the original game never used its full potential which makes basically not much sense, because, during this historical period, the Navy was way more important than ever before and probably also than ever after (later on the role has been taken by planes and airborne troops).
  • We have a lot of new natives whose potential could be fully used just on naval maps (Pirates, Wokou, Venetians, and partially Renegades). Hybrid maps basically never allow you to fully use this potential because you can still win the fight without a single ship built.
  • The default AoE naval AI is broken and its performance is really poor, @AssertiveWall20 made really great improvements to make the naval AI more competitive - not just on classic naval maps but also on migration or archipelago maps. It still needs a lot of improvements and any further AI capacities or simply just feedback to the current AI performance are welcome. The goal is not smaller than making the naval AI as competitive as the standard one. We have a lot of very nice features waiting in the pipeline. The point is that lot of the original code has to be completely rewritten, so it’s not a small goal but it’s achievable. Some of our maps like the Mediterranean Islands or Kuril Islands have been designed for an AI which basically does not exist YET (but will).
  • The next thing (besides the AI) is the gameplay mechanic which doesn’t penalize players who play the naval maps just by using a “turtle” strategy which means they just fortify on their own island and don’t build any fleet. That’s also something we plan to change to make the naval maps more fun to play than they are right now.

2/ Hybrid and land maps are in the pipeline - even though we still plan to implement some hybrid and land maps following the Age of Pirates philosophy and the original goal. So those new maps will contain some new features and gameplay mechanics like using air forces, gathering resources from the water, or colonizing bonus islands while your enemy is on the same island as you (currently also not supported by the AI). If you want to enjoy some of our current hybrid maps, I can recommend Burma Monasteries, Malta, Dead Sea, or Adriatic Sea which has two variants (purely naval and hybrid).

3/ Everything we do follows no smaller goal than to provide a fully new player’s experience so we don’t want just to clone something that has already been made thousands of times but provide completely new unique content and gameplay mechanics.

Even though we’re happy you’re enjoying the season’s content and feel free to post more nice printscreens.


Coming Soon…


Fully playable armored trains coming soon:


Man this is so fantastic :heart_eyes_cat:

PS: I’m talking as Alistair the fan, not Alistair the team member :innocent: