Placeholder stone walls needs to go

I think there are too many things copied from AOE2 1:1 that they think is ok to get away with, one of these things is the stone wall having an extremely limited appearance and being copy-pasted onto civilizations where a style doesn’t belong.

Ironically, AoE2 is better than AoE4, as despite doing the same, they still have more types of walls. And beyond this, AoE3 has probably the best looking walls, with them varying with most cultures (still copy pasting a lot). It is only in the recent addition of Malians where they have actually made new custom walls, and frankly, 2 years after release, it is shocking that this only how far we have come.

So for reference, here is the wall “types” we have in AoE4. Mind you, each stone wall tower actually differs in look and style, so they will always clash with how the actual stone wall looks. Whether this means they ever intended on making real walls, I don’t know–but, some of them surely clash in a way that suggests the walls we have now, was always meant to just be placeholders.

Now, don’t come at me for the titles of these images. I genuinely believe this is how they’ve categorized them so far, considering how it has been done in AoE2.

“European” notice how the gate crenellations (teeth) differs from that of the wall.

“Asian” again, crenellations differs from that of the wall.


So again, AoE2 does this as well. The difference being that they launched long ago, and have since added “subregions” with more styles and walls for different cultures. But the real question is, is that an acceptable thing for a game in our times? If you ask me, this feels like a very cheap excuse to cut corners.

We’re talking about a game that so far has been making individually buildings and unique units for every civilization, including villagers. And the place they decide to stop, is at the walls? I’ll be honest and say it disappointed me to see Ottoman reusing shiptypes when Malians didn’t have to.

You know what disappointed me more?

Those with observing eyes have probably picked up on the style of buildings that is featured by their production buildings, outposts and military academies. They are reminiscent of the theodosian walls, which belonged to the Romans in Constantinople. So a question could be poised about whether they intended the implementation of Ottoman to represent the over-taken Byzantines (sketchy), but why wouldn’t they hold off with the Roman architecture for the actual Romans?

Don’t worry, this rant does lead somewhere. Essentially, how come Malians get their own walls in this new content pack, meanwhile Ottoman do not? The very style that is present in the game is taken from walls these; a direct inspiration.

It is at these points where Microsoft, World’s Edge, Forgotten Empires and Relic would ALL benefit from making statements when releasing content. Had they gone “Oh and hey, we are still planning on adding in more Walls so that the Ottoman don’t get left out” or something. But, instead, they opt for pure silence in either hopes that we forget and those that care leaves the community, or for them to “surprise” us with “more content” (that should’ve been there to begin with).

Anyway. I know there is a large portion of you who do not pay attention to these details and who probably don’t care. But, I also know there are alot of players who care for immersion and this is just one of those cornerstones that I feel the company’s snubbed us on. Either way, I am making this post to help bring more attention to it because honestly? This is just not okay.

Do away with the placeholder walls. Each civilization is deserving. These are cheap assets to make too, and you already have your spline system in place for the modular assets to be put in.

Bonus image: Here is a picture of unused assets (Kievian Walls) I found in the content browser. They are not in the campaign nor in the game. Not that they have to be, but my point is that variety is good for everyone, and Relic is clearly capable when they are willing.