Plan of Miramare card

Dear everybody!
I think this card, wich turns (standard, vet. or guard) salteadores into french voltiegurs (french royal guard skirm) is way top expensive. (1000f, 1000w)
The cost for a vet. salteador to be the royal guard (vigilante) is the same amount of resource, BUT in that case every new unit trained from then on, would be a vigilante (royal guard), while the card is a one time benefit. I don’t really see the point in this.
The only needed aspect of this card is the plus 2 range, since vigilantes have less range, than a normal skirm, so this plus 2 range is rather a needed thing, than an OP buff.
And for that plus 2 range, the 2000 res, for an age 4 card is dumb.
Solution options:
A: should be the total of 500 res (my most recommended)
B: should remain 2000 res, but make voltiegurs available (maybe only az forts?)
C:everything the same, but an age 3 card?
Thank you for your opinions

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I think you leave it as it is. Mexico is already an overwhelming civ with over a million options with lancer cav, super pike, super musk/gren. age 2 falcs and culvs, in base garrisonable estate/mill hybrids that provide pop and a trickle etc. Let them be stuck with 18 range skirms.

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19 with a card.
And for 2k res can go to 21. Seems fair
Salties with 2 cards have better or eq stats to forest prowlers fwiw sans range which is important but like I agree
No need for mexico to get 21 ranage skirms easily. They have soldado chinaco and salties are beefy as is for late game comps


If the card is seen as broken by someone, then we should fix or discuss it. It is irrelevant if that civ is OP or not.

The Mexican Plan cards are one-time use for rush strategy or quick counter-strategy, also giving small boosts to units.

Plan of Miramare card is considered a temporary stat boost for Salteadors, gives more hit points and range but gets slower and less attack. (with an additional Guard boost if not upgraded Salteadors to Guard yet)

Considering about this card is an IV card with +2000 resource cost, it’s not worthwhile even if the player is hoarding veteran Salteador as much as can and going all-in rush. Voltigeurs are not that strong since Light Infantry nerf and they can easily be wiped out by Cavalry and Artillery in IV Age, without support. Training other units to support Voltigeurs means less usefulness for this card. Why would you use this card if you can send 2 Heavy cannons and train 4 more Falconets (or 11 Dragoons) to back up the Salteador army?

Similar cards (Tercio Tactics, Suvorov Reforms, and Tirailleurs) won’t cost resources and they are III cards. Other cards (Belgian Revolution, March Revolution, Tupac Rebellion, and Chichimeca Rebellion) are pseudo-revolt card, they cost much but greatly changes unit stats.

For now, this card is a bit overpriced, the price would fit if Miramare also gives a free Vigilante upgrade included.

The Plan of Ayutla card also seems overpriced to me, Revolutionaries are stronger than Veteran Reservisa Insurgentes by +30% but it’s a one-time boost.

On the other hand, the Plan of Tuxtepec card doesn’t cost at all while it changes Salteadors to Soldados, which is more expensive and stronger by +40%.

The card itself is not that bad, if you get to age 4 and train basic salteadores you can send the card and get all of them upgraded to royal guard units. So a free veteran and royal guard upgrade equivalent to 2400 resources by itself on top of making all their skirms into better versions with more hp and more range. The card also gives their regular skirms additional range and line of sight which by combining with their other upgrade card they can get more range than a standard skirmisher.

Considering it’s an age 4 card it’s value is roughly 1600 resources, plus another 2k so 3600 resources. This is a bit costly considering you’re getting 2400 worth of upgrades and some extra range but no additional units. Lowering it to 500 wood and 500 food cost would make it more reasonable. That being said combining this with other salteador upgrades does make them out range a normal skirmisher when they started at a base of just 17 range, so perhaps it’s so costly for that reason.

The cards not broken, it does worksl as intended and it currently is used to treaty and ffa mostly but not supremecy (sometimes teams), where mexico’s skirms are already very strong and work very well. So the card value is clearly valued for treaty, where its worth 2k res to get extra upgrades and the plus 1 range is worth it, but its there should someone want to use it in supremecy. There are many cards where their value is better in 1 mode than another- we dont need to boost 3 huss or 5 salties since they work very well for 1v1, but are less value in other modes. Plan of Miramare is taken in 3v3 or 4v4teams, ffa, and treaty so clearly people think the card has some worth. Niche doesnt mean bad imho either.

Boosting this card to be even better would affect mexicos 1v1 balance and since in 1v1 you dont monocomp…usually… the power of mexicos other units is really important in valuing things. Making it too cheap means mexico can pair it with soldado and given mexicos top tier easiest or fastest FI this means uber guard skirms can really be a problem. So you have to ask, why does mexico need it cheaper, and is it balanced before just widpy cutting prices to fix price compared to other cards- after all, every game its not just your deck in a vaccum, you have an opponent and every card affects him. Im pretty sure FI> range 22 consulate skirms>los colorados>2xHC will be extremely unpleseant in 1v1

Also, i think most people agree the saltie>soldado card is situational busted so

Thanks for the explanations. So the card cost is reasonable in the treaty, but not in the supremacy games. But to use Salteadors in the treaty, Mexicans still have to upgrade Salteadors to Guard, which fades advantage of the free upgrade of consulate Voltigeurs. Thus this card is struggling between the roles of supremacy rush card and treaty buff card.