Plan of Tuxtepec

Anyone tried this out since it got the cost decreased to 500f/500w?

I’ve been trying an FF as mexico where you tp start then ff as normal. Age with the state that has the card to reveal map and get 500xp, first send 2 villager card then 700g, 5v(optional as I think it delays a bit too much with 5v), 500 xp crates. Age to fortress with a state that gives 500 coin, in transition make salteadores then ship 8 and 7 salteadores then 2 falcs and finally plan of tuxtepec.

I am yet to fine tune the build but I think it is potentially quite good you get like 30 soldados + 2 falcs in decent time, more if you delay and continue training salteadores.

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I dont feel like it works well enough since compared to just making or sending soldados.

since you also have 5-6 soldados card you are effectively spending 1k res and a shipment for 4 more soldados, which doesnt feel great, where as just using the 500 wood to make houses to spam soldados and then getting some insurgents from the cathedral tech feels like a better deal

A build I always wanted to experiment with is FF with Queretaro since if you manage to send the reform card in time somehow it doubles ur FF res bonus and allows you to get vet tech for free.

Which might work very well with a soldado spam

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You only have a 5 and 6 soldado card, so instead of that you are shipping 7 and # ######### The plan card is also changing your trained salteadores so like 15+ or so into soldados so that saves you train time as 3 batches of soldados takes 30 seconds longer than 3 of salteadores and requires double the pop space so you either need to chop a lot more wood or ship 700w while with the card you just overpop once everything is transformed while you’re walking over to the enemy tc.

The transformation also gives you 50 res more in value per unit trained, so you are saving 500 res per 10 salteadores. It’s value obviously increases the more salteadores you train so you could do it as part of a late game strategy rather than a FF, perhaps using the age up that gives you a salteador for each shipment sent.
I will have to try and further refine the build, I don’t think I’d rather make houses and spend 400 res/ or the card on a cathedral just to get a few insurgentes that aren’t veteran.

This build was very popular when mexico was first released I remember, I guess you’d get like 1k coin and the free soldado tech so it is quite good. I guess you could go 2v, 700g then reforms. Chop some wood while ageing then move everyone to food and use the 1k gold to make units. I’ve been using the xp age up card but perhaps you’d still have enough shipments to ship 700w without it.

if its like a later game thing and like you convert 30-40 salt then I think there is a chance

But like as a timing attack at like 9-10 mins I am finding upfront res constraint to be a bigger problem then train time or res efficiency.

like even with the train time if you make a forward with the hacienda and place the barracks there with a flag you can also reduce the train time as well so it aint that big of an issue.

also getting the 500 wood for the shipment itself is kinda hard if you are chopping for it i think 700 wood is definitely required

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I still think it is a bit overpriced, i would prefer if they reduce it again, 250 food and wood could be the sweet spot, or maybe even 300

I honestly think 250 would be way to cheap, more something around 350-400. Lets not try to over buff something, just so we get an over nerf later :sob: . We all know how it’s going with the nerfs and buffs :melting_face:.

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Perhaps as part of a more eco focused play it would be better rather than as a more traditional spain/otto style ff. Maybe you could do a hacienda boom or ff and spawn vills from haciendas and then later on use it as a revolt style big push. It can be very overwhelming and it is fun to use especially when you start fighting with salteadores and then the card arrives and they all become soldados.