Plans for 2v2 ranked?

I think it would be a mistake to not include this, many people like to play with friends so restricting ranks and the content it unlocks to 1v1 would be a real shame.

Unsure if it’s been talked about but I feel it should be easy to implement… just add a points tracker to 2v2 that’s separate to 1v1. Sure 2v2 and all other team modes aren’t quite as balanced, but it’s still very competitive. If the issue is splitting the player pool too much, extend the search to quick match pool after 2 mins or so.


I agree with this. I have a lot of friends that I play with, so having 2vs2 and 3vs3 ranked in place would make sense. This probably applies to many other players as well. I really hope this will be added or people who enjoy playing with friends will lose interest sooner than later in this game.


Perhaps when major team tournaments aren’t won by 1v1 players together, they’ll be taken more seriously.

Agree too. Its all about giving people options what they want to play, people keep playing the game cause you give them that option

What id like to see is a randon civ, megarandon, nomad 4 player ffa ladder. Would be fun

Why stop at 2v2. Do ranked for all team games, it doesnt have to be perfect, just use ELO and pick a cut off. Just a fun challenge to reach different levels and unlock different banners, statues

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The system is not hard to implement., i think.

The reason is (i might be wrong) the population. Every multiplayer game has this problem and needs to balance it right not to backfire.

Right now we have 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 spread across Custom (where you can play vs A.I.) , Quick match and Ranked (only 1v1 curently).

So the game needs to first grow in population before creating another mode, otherwise the waiting times will increase.

  • While some are willing to wait, most beginners or new players aren’t.
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Yes why not add also ranked for 3 vs 3 and 4 vs 4.


How would assigning explicit rankings be any different that the elo calculation for matchmakong being done behind the scene. Team ranked would just be a way to see what you are up against in the lobby and have some rewards to try to reach

Ranked is different. Ranking pairing is based on ranked points not on elo.

And if you want to make 2v2, 3v3, 4v4. You need to create 3 more playing modes.

You can’t use the same system as quick match. You need to have different points for each mode.

quick match also uses hidden ELO system.

PS aoe2 has only Solo + TG rating

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The modes are already created though.

Im no longer supporting this game at all until they add in team ranked. 1v1 is boring AF and i refuse to play it

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Lol taking the dev’s comments on twitch to heart

what they said?

There are pitfalls to linking season rewards to ranked team play. One problem is developing a non-exploitable team rating system. AoE II DE has so far failed to do this. There are games that do a better job of it, so it’s not clear why AoE II DE has been unable to copy them, but I’m not aware of any game that has a totally non-exploitable team rating system.

FH5 went the same way as AoE 4, solving the previous game’s problems by simply not having ranked team play.

Rocket League’s team ratings are much less exploitable than AoE II DE’s, but there are still huge problems with smurfs/alts/boosters being used to obtain higher level season rewards than someone could obtain on their own.

Wouldn’t team ranked just become a drop-hack fest? Until that is fixed it seems pointless to me.

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This the same thought I had when I read this thread

This. Totally agree.

I want a Team game ladder too…

Please add at least 2v2 ranked! Me and my buddy are destroying scrubs in 2v2. Would be nice to match up against people our level.
Quick matches are fun and all but winning in this mode feel soooooooooo lacking. I mean you play around 1h just to get some exp and maybe mission rewards. Does not feel REWARDING at all.
We want that hard grind to the max ranked tier.

Hopefully you implement this mode soon.