Plase add the option to build a door on an ally wall

it stinks when an ally makes a wall and he despite being told that build a door, he never do it. this can be on porpose.


This is a great idea imo. Would just need to tax the transaction the same way tributing resources are taxed (wouldn’t be hard, just make building your allies a gate cost 60w).

I think the tax is only really important earlier in the game when you’ve got partial walled bases and someone is trying to FF without chopping any more wood


Great suggestion.

Lemme Add one more :

Allow deleting walls of ally who is out.

you can do that already, you can delete all units of people who left the game


how? 1 by 1? or there is a command to erase all of the ally at once? @coffeeco01

you do have to select them and delete so its kinda one by one

Its mostly there in the case someone drops and you cant access their TPs

omg, then its a nonsense characteristic, nobody has enough time to delete each by one on the middle of the fight.

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you dont need to delete all of them most of the time its much better to just leave them there since if anything they can soak fire from the opponent.

Its important to delete key stuff that are getting in your way

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You shouldnt like go delete their starting TC, it safe terrain for example

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