Play at Widows XP and Windows 7

I understand that Aoe 2 Definitive Edition may be played ONLY at Windows 10. I dont like Windows 10 and I will not use that Operational system, because it SPY the people who use it.
I also read that the price of Aoe 2 Definitive Edition is about 15 dollars. I preffer Aoe 2 DE to be 25-30 dollars, but I have the option to play it at Windows XP and Windows 7.

If it is needed, I may play the game at lower resolution. Not 4000 K. But I preffer to play at Windows XP and Windows 7.

Games tie a exclusivity to a OS not for resolution questions, but for tools availability that become obsolete on the older systems, like DirectX version, for example.

But quick question.

How can you be convinced to not use Win 10 because it would spy on you, and at the same time be confident to use others operational systems provided by the same company that develops Win 10 and, of course, have the same level of control about these others OSs as they have on Win 10?


is that a troll post btw?


I do get your spy argument. However, why you then would use XP, an operating system without security updates, is completely beyond me. Its like saying “I dont use skype cuz I dont want microsoft’s apps using my camera” and then posting selfis on IG every day… o.O
Btw, XP cant handle enough RAM afaik for DE. So its not really about the price there.

My 2 cents: Why use any Windows if you care about data security? There are things like Ubuntu that you can most likely trust more (and for many games there are ways of playing them on e.g. Ubuntu as well).


Isn’t about your money, you can play older versionn of AoE 2.

I keep using my good old W98 from time to time, it has a simplistic user interface which I like and the best version of netscape navigator you can find! Problem is compatibility tho

I play it on my dad’s old Windows XP college laptop. The laptop is the Dell Inspiron 4100. He bougt the Age of Empires II Gold Edition. I would recomend that one, but it’ll probably be hard to find; he bout it in like, 1999