Play station

But they made a great game everyone was waiting for almost 15 yrs they do something out of the box right they r investing so much in this nd no doubt graphics also so high tht many pcs won’t be able to support

Yes i did saw when i used to buy ps2 cds but back then i had a pc nd it wasn’t tht high on recommendations so i didn’t bought it back then

I did yaar but here as i said 1 dollar = 70 rs so those people who have a nice pc don’t sell one nd those pre-built available are very weak i bought it and now it got crashed in an year. Nd it is very hard to spend money on a pc when corona already hurting ur eco a lot.

what i meant ro say is the gameplay of that PS2 age 2 was vastly worse than the one on PC, for a reason.

Also if you buy a console for 500€ you can buy an out of the box PC for that money aswell and f it is from a current market it should fit the minimum specs of age 4 too :wink:

So basically, if you decide (or decided) to get a PS V in stead of a PC, that is and or was your decision. such decision always means you will only be able to play PS games, so not all games.
As well as if you instead chose a PC, you didnt count on PS exclusives being playable on there.

All I can say is that prebuild pcs come in very different shapes.
I can only tell from my country, where mindfactory lets you pay 75 € and they assemlbe the pieces you chose for you, or you pay for example for a medion (ALDI) PC, and can play out of the box aswell, although also around 75-150€ more expensive than self building.
These are choices you can and have to make yourself.

However you often mention breaking PCs, and I am not sure how or why you tend to have this much bad luck. However if it breaks within 1 year, warranty in most countries should help you.

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I wouldn’t normally point it out but you seem to be consistently making the same mistake.
I think you’re writing ‘nd’ when you mean ‘and’.

I don’t think there’s doubt that the playerbase would significantly increase by porting it on consoles even with mouse/keyboard support.
Civ VI for example, a traditional PC series is now available on every console, including Nintendo.
The question to me is more of how they should do it than if they should do it (given that the game will turn out to be good). I like the fact that devs haven’t crossed this possibility out for the future.
Whether it makes sense from a customer pov or whether they can make profit out of it etc are business technicalities that they’ll have to consider of course and evaluate.
I believe there are ways to do it without dumping down the game.

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Definitely have to disagree with the general sentiment, that RTS-Games wouldn’t translate well to console.
I used to think that games like Battlefield wouldn’t work well on console - boy, was I wrong about that.
I mean, you have how many buttons on a controller now? 15 - 20, something like that?
Seems that’s more than enough to play with, including assigned hotkeys and key-combinations.
People are eager to see if AoE IV can ‘revive’ the RTS scene (though it is certainly not dead), and a console release would possibly give it an edge.

I’d like to see it, though I’m planning on playing on PC. It would be great to see AoE reach out to the console audience.

But I’d have to agree with the Skadidesu’s second point about it likely only releasing for XBox.
Hard disagree on his first point. We’re not talking about 2005-level consoles anymore. Their modern iterations would have no problem dealing with a measley 200 units per player. Much easier to optimize, too, as the hardware is set, as opposed to one million differening PC setups.

So, I don’t have much to say to the original post, but I think the overarching discussion is worth being had. Especially considering the RTS scene needs some serious kick in the butt to get it up and running at full speed again.

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you name civ, which is a prome example for a strategy game, but age is an RTS. and let me tell you, it wouldnt work well on console without being palyed differently. just like age 2 on PS2 was.

And yes, I do doubt a console port would broaden the audience significantly. because the game wouldnt play well there.

so…play age 2 with only 15-20 keys. then add the less precse mouse/keyboard movement, and try unit or building grouping. you wont be able to do that without several double bindings and special combos, which all would have to be learned. yes it can work, but it has to be changed to play well on consoles. which is work

I fail to see the problem here. What’s the problem with slightly less accuracy in the cursor movement?
Sure, you won’t play competitively against someone who’s playing on PC, but I don’t think players would expect cross-platform multiplayer for that very reason.
Infact, the console limitations could make for a much more relaxed gaming experience and I could appreciate that.

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it is one of many problems. try choosing a specific (low hp) attack target with your units, microing (or even just managing your units) with a control stick. it takes longer and is less precise.

Also console gaming in general is euqivalent to couch gaming, therefore a certain distance to the screen, in general much more than with PC gaming. therefore you would either need huge UI or a different one. Reading texts in general needs to be made easily posible to provide said relaxed gaming experience.

As I stated, it is possible to get the Age experience on consoles, but it wont be god as a simple port, and with any needed adjustmens for console play, it would be much work.

So, while i couldnt care less if the game comes toconsole aswell, I simply state that its highly unlikely.

Alsohave you ever played age and thoguht i would love to play this relaxed with my controller? It works with some games, without problems, but with RTS, there are quite some hurdles.

As i said brother those 500€ are 45000 rs here no one sells anything like tht wht i am getting in pre-built second hand pc is really ■■■■ i mean i recently bought two such pcs nd first one real bad nd second workes well for 1 year nd then it even stopped taking load of aoe2 hd

Recently i am in no mood of buying pc or ps 5 cuz i am Recently getting no fights nd i just got ready nd second wave hit our country nd it is really bad down here trust me my brother can’t run our business we have to sent whole staff home

Yup nd is tht a problem cuz if u wish i could stop it is just habit now

Of course there is.
Look when i was younger 8 yrs old i dont used hockeys tht much i used to only play with mouse nd so my elder brother.
As i grew i started playing with hotkeys for fast walling nd all.
But, the fact is hotkeys mainly only matter in online games right. So if ps players have there own set of players so they r competing with same lvl of hotkeys nd things there won’t be any difficulty plus controllers are more handy where all the keys are so close

Nd as i said my brother tht it is not only abt me obviously it won’t come in ps4 but if m javing trouble then surely someone with the xbox must be having trouble too

In my whole city i can bet u i am the only the age insider. That’s wht the lvl of aoe here is most people haven’t heard of it cuz it is not available on any console so if u give them this it would a new experience for them they will gonna love it. Nd there is always good in bad nd bad in good maybe if they release it in console it could be a blast.

Age 2 was in ps2 first.
Second gaming industry wasn’t as developed as now
Third there were games in ps2 tht i used to play in pc for better graphics nd control cuz ps2 can’t give tht

We can do it not in tht but wht if they set mouse click 1 nd click second as r1 nd r2. L analog as a main mouse pointer then we press r1 nd with the help of l analog we can do it

I started playing aoe at age 8 many people still don’t understand the game before age 14 to 15 when they play for first time so if it becomes harder to understand then m ready to go for it