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Make aoe 4 playable in Playstation4 nd ps5 pls

  1. RTS doesn’t work well on Console unless you gradely reduce the number of units and overall complexity (see Halo Wars)
  2. This game is published by Micorsoft, the owners of the Xbox brand. They basically never release a game for Playstation (the only one I can think of is Minecraft)
  3. Read your posts before posting, there are so many errors in them that can’t be explained by English not being your first language. You write PlayStation in 3 different way in one post. Also spell checkers exist for a reason. I’m dyslexic and English is not my first language, I know what I talk about.

Hahaha. Nope, just nope. It won’t make it to Xbox for obvious reasons, let alone PS.
You just need a PC to play a fully fledged RTS game, with a mouse and keyboard.


But now a days technology is so upgraded na nd yes there won’t be much hotkeys but it will be like playing only with the mouse and few hotkeys but players like me are really facing difficulties as we need lot of money to uprgade pc plus there is not rven 50% of guarantee of its longevity due viruses nd all where as ps is lot cheaper u know nd like pubg console players will compete on different lvl na

Look, you want to play a proper RTS game, then you need a PC, that is the reality. It will never be made playable on a console unless it’s dumbed down massively, hence not a proper RTS anymore.
So you also have to realise the cons of getting a console, no proper RTS games like Age or Starcraft there. You can’t have everything on the consoles, it’s already enough that many genres have been dumbed down and ruined for consoles, but fortunately not RTS, this one is just not possible without a mouse and keyboard, unless it is, again, dumbed down.


It is easy to say when u can play game easily on ur pc. I also used to think like u when my brother used to say same thing 8 yrs ago but now i am realizing it. Because i Don’t have tht powerfull pc and i jave been playing aoe 2 for 12 yrs now. Nd u can’t access it anymore

It’s not easy to say it because I also have a PC, but because I am an adult. And as such I could also face reality if I only had a console and no possibilities to buy a PC and accept the fact I wouldnt be playing Age of Empires 4 because it’s a game that cant be ported to consoles.

The same as when you just had to accept you werent gonna get icecream as a child for once.

So yes, the idea is to try and be more mature about it.

Btw, AoE4 wont require a powerful PC and you can still “access” AoE2.


This certainly isn’t a short term solution for you but maybe next time you go to buy a console, spend the money on a PC instead. You can get a computer just as powerful (or more powerful) than a playstation or xbox for the same money if you buy the parts and build it yourself. The point you make about viruses is a silly one. Not even close to half of people have their PC ruined by a virus. It may have been more of an issue in the past, but these days, so long as you have a little common sense, viruses really aren’t that big of a deal. Also, I don’t know what point you were trying to make or why it’s relevant to AoE, but you’ll find that for PUBG and any other shooter, players are much better on PC than console. The keyboard and mouse offers a huge advantage over a controller.

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U know i am an mma fighter nd we all fight since childhood nd every battle is different for everyone. Nd i learnt with those incidents if there is a chance then u should take it nd as a being an overthinker i have think abt it for multiple times and it is not as hard as u think to play on pc

Look if it is only abt me then y would i even post it here, i always believed tht if i have suffered from something someone must have too

Look first of all maybe u haven’t read my post tht well. I mentioned pubg bcuz console players can only compete with console players. Pc people can only compete with pc players. So does mobile player except the fact most people use mobile version in pc nd they compete with mobile players only.

Nd i didn’t said tht only viruses destroy pc but in the past nd thrice i lost my pc for same reasons plus it was just a guess we have seen pcs getting crashed. But in ps such problems usually don’t rise

Plus i know how much a pc costs if buy everything separately but it still costs money nd in a country where a dollar = 70 rs we have to think twice. Especially after this economy meltdown going on

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Well I guess PCs are not for everyone, the same with RTS games.

AoEIV could come to Xbox with mouse and keyboard support though. I see no reason not to.


The reason would be that it doesnt make sense from a customer point of view. You cant force people with their Xbox to require a mouse and a keyboard by mentioning it on the cover. They have their Xbox controllers, they go and buy a game, they will expect it to work on a controller.


keep in touch they are xboxers

No one js forcing anyone to do anything if u say so then Microsoft forcing people to buy america by giving a kond of campaign tht if u complete u will have it if u don’t buy it the sam way this could go if u bought it in xbox then buy mouse nd keyboard if u didn’t then it’s ur choice

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I have to disagreee with you on the point regarding building a pc is equally expensive as a console- this was the case for many generations, but the current one certainly does change that a bit.

i would say if Hardware was available, you would have to pay 200-300 more to get a PC instead of PS5, withc similar power and Controlers (mouse/keyboard).

You can see tech channels of youtube struggling to build a PC with similar specs to consoles, they can barely do that witin the same budget.

However I also suggest just investing a bit more and build your own PC or let it be build, maybe even buy a prebuilt one.


It wouldnt be impossible, but very unlikely. As written, its an MS game. So MAYBE with XBox it would work, with keyboard/mouse only. But thats a port noone would build. Its just not rentable, sorry that you might not bee able to play ahe 4. Although I am sure they will make the Hardware needed as low as possible.

Its a simple fact an old PC wont be able to play current PC games, nor will a console be (unless its ported and payable with controler)

a game for a console should be playable with that console or needs additional hardware within the game as bundle to work.
if they DID make a console port, they would have to include mouse and keybard, and with additional development cost, the game would cost at least double of the pc version (and thats with low quality keyboard/mouse)

as iamdalv wrote, and also a console, even Xbox, needs a port of a PC game to work, which takes time and resources. Unless there would be a huge playerbase, it wouldnt be worth it.

If we make it layable with controller though its basically another game. ever saw age 2 on PS2? :smiley: