Player 1's username is starred (as is some in-game chat)

Game Version:

  • Build: (101.101.35584.0 4714640)
  • Platform: (Steam)
  • Operating System: (Windows 10)
  • Gamertag: Captain_Brunch


Every time that I load into a multiplayer game, the name of player 1 is replaced with asterisks and often the in game chat is also replaced with asterisks.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. I noticed this bug after activating some mods, but it seems unrelated.



Ardaleia found out where this bug comes from and posted it here.

In summary:

  • This is the standard profanity filter of the Xbox Live network that you pretty much have to sign into to play on the ladder.
  • Two of the things that trigger the filter are the letter i and the number 1, either standing alone or part of a word. If the letter i or the number 1 is found the whole message or name it is a part of will be censored. This includes the names of any player 1, and any sentence including the letter i, like “I’ll go scouts” or “Missed me”.
  • You can’t disable this filter or set it to a lower setting unless you have an Xbox. It cannot be changed from any PC.
  • You cannot call and have Microsoft disable this filter or lower the setting because that is a violation of your privacy.
  • Yes, that is a super badly designed system.

not true. It sensors my name and one of my friends names nearly every time we’re player one.

Code E.

neither of us have the above in our names, unless you’re saying its because it says xHOT POTATO (1) and in which case thats the dumbest thing i’ve read today.

Not to mention, this didnt exist when the filter was first implemented.

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That’s exactly what I’m saying, your name is displayed as “1 xHOT POTATO”, and the 1 triggers the filter.

It’s made a bit tricky by the fact that the filter is a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, it can decide to start blocking a name halfway through a match or completely miss it when you’re done fast enough. And I assume the filter is constantly learning, which is the only reasonable explanation why something like “1” would be blocked, the system blocked it and nobody corrected the system. I didn’t notice my name being blocked (as player 1) until very recently myself, so I think the blocking of 1 is pretty new. And it’s also complicated by the fact that there are a lot more things that can trigger the filter, for instance many letter combinations that might get used to get around a profanity filter, like “fc” for **** (even when you mean “fast castle”). So you’re never quite sure what it was this time. But I feel pretty confident that this is actually what’s going on. And yes, it’s stupid.


So someone on reddit posted a work-around. If you log out of your XboxLive account in game, you are still able to play ranked multiplayer games without the censoring. This solved it for me.

101.101 Game Version:

  • Build (35584)
  • Platform (Steam)

As the title describes. See attachment.

This happens every game. I’ll add more screen shots from different games later.
Note: The Purple player is an AI player (Also asterisks)

Your name didn’t get censored at the bottom though.

I was the Blue Player. The Red player is my buddy

The only way you can log out of Xbox Live and still play is if you have the game on Steam. If you bought the game on the Windows Store or have Xbox Game Pass, this is not an option for you.

Edit: Steam platform also has their own censoring, but not to the same severity as Xbox Live.

Anyway, why is this set to solved when is still clearly an unsolved bug. @PanCalvus is just describing the cause but on development to mark a bug as solved need in fact to have a proper fix or solution.

The stars can also be avoided somewhat by not using spaces, I think. For now.